Connections - Where nature and culture meet

Moonlight and Magnolias Gala - Metamorphosis
The South Carolina Botanical Garden is
Where Nature and Culture Meet

The vision of the garden is to encourage connections between people and our natural world.
The mission of the garden is to serve as an interdisciplinary resource focusing on teaching, research, and outreach that advances awareness and understanding of plants, animals, minerals and our culture.
The goals of the garden include interpreting the environment and its relationship to all visitors in addition to increasing and diversifying academic and community involvement.

Karen Link - Floral Designer
Karen Link understands the gardens committment to showcasing its natural resources and is using elements that are native to the ecosystems of South Carolina – longleaf pine, pitcher plants, magnolias, smooth purple coneflower, salvia, hydrangea, cluster berry, and yellow coneflower.

Dinner for the Moonlight and Magnolia Gala - Metamorphosis is specifically selected to represent the three geographical regions of South Carolina – the Piedmont, the Midlands, and the Coastal Plains. Each element of the meal was produced naturally from farms that are committed to preserving the ecosystem by providing quality food grown using sustainable methods.

The art selected for display in the Fuller Art Gallery of the Fran Hanson Visitor Center during the Moonlight and Magnolia Gala will feature Magnolias and other species that are native to South Carolina.

Shaun Ritchie is a Bassist from Greenville, SC. He is a graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Music, studying under Adam Nitti, Gary Wilkins, and Alan Barnes. He is a graduate of the Fine Arts Center Jazz program, studying with Steve Watson. Bringing musical art into the garden renews our committment to emphasize what the garden represents ~ a place where nature and culture meet.