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Watershed Stewardship

A watershed is the area of land where all of the water that drains off goes into the same stream, lake or other water body (see diagram below). However we define them, we all live in a watershed, and the actions we take affect our downstream rivers, lakes and estuaries.

Any concerned resident can be a steward of a watershed, and there are many roles to play.


  • Residents interested in wildlife habitat may want to help restore shorelines and wetlands;
  • Individuals interested in fishing may want to get involved in reporting sediment erosion or teaching children about healthy waterways;
  • And some may find that their talent in public speaking or writing can help engage the larger public in learning about watersheds.

In South Carolina, watersheds are located within eight major river basins (Broad, Catawba, Edisto, Salkahatchie, Saluda, Santee, Savannah and Pee Dee), which each contain sub-basins.

In fulfilling the mission to promote local stakeholders' involvement in protecting and improving the natural and economic resources of their watershed, the Center and Carolina Clear have compiled a "Watershed Steward Contact List" comprised of organizations that support and manage local watershed issues and also offer watershed-related volunteer opportunities for the public. The list has been mapped by geographic coverage so that users can identify watershed-related volunteer opportunities within their community or region.

Linking volunteers to organizations and encouraging stewardship will help protect and restore our valuable water resources. There are many active organizations across the state that offer opportunities to get involved in local watershed activities such as monitoring, cleanups and restoration projects. Your time and efforts can make a difference in protecting and improving the health of your local waterway.

Link to the South Carolina Watershed Stewardship mapping tool to find organizations.

  • Please review the "Mapping Tool Instructions" page to help familiarize yourself with this tool.
  • If you have an organization to add or change information for, you may do this directly on your own by following the directions on the "Mapping Tool Instructions" page or contact Michael Griffin at mpg [at] clemson [dot] edu, (843) 730-5104 to request the update or change.