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Mapping Tool Instructions

  • Finding Information on Watershed Groups
  • Editing, Adding, or Removing Data

Finding Information on Watershed Groups

This map displays the locations of community and statewide organizations that are active in protecting water quality and quantity within the state's eight basins. A basin is an extent of land where water from rain or snow melt drains downhill into a body of water, such as a river, lake, reservoir, estuary, wetland, sea or ocean. You can click on the different color areas to identify the eight river basins in our state, which are further divided into sub-basins.


Each blue pin on the map represents a single organization. Select a pin to view contact information so that you may inquire about current volunteer opportunities and link to available websites.


If you would like to add your organization to this map, please see the section below on "editing, removing or adding data".

Editing, Removing or Adding Data

At the top of the toolbar select "Add Data". This will take you to a new application that enables the addition, editing and removal of pins and their associated data.

  • Under the "Layer Controls" section, the colored basins and basin borders can be turned off. This will allow you to better see the underlying base data that can be be toggled by selecting "Map", "Satellite", "Hybrid" or "Terrain" located in the upper right corner.
  • Specific basin organizations can be selected and made visible by selecting the basin name checkbox and then select the "Get Data" button. This will select the organization pins for the selected basin(s) and will enable the editing and removal of pins and associated data by selecting the "edit" link in the bubble that opens for each pin.
  • After selecting "Get Data" you will also see a list of organizations with hyperlinks at the bottom of the map.


Two functions can be performed in the edit window including modifying existing records and removal of data from the application.

  • The "Details" field is for mailing or physical address (if applicable).

  • "Watershed Type" refers to the group's focus such as water quality protection, trail maintenance, farmland preservation, etc.

  • "Location" is the extent of working area the group operates within – county, city, region, state, watershed, etc.

  • "Region" is which of the eight main river basins the group works within


New organizations can be added by selecting the "add" link for any of the respective basins.

  • By selecting "add" a new red pin will appear in the map along with a small form. Please use the zoom function to place your pin in a more accurate location. The name and address of the organization is required for this form.
  • To update the map with the new organization location and data, select the "add" button in the form.
  • To cancel this process, select the "reset" button in the form.


Once this initial record is created additional information such as contact name, phone, email and web site can be added by using the “edit” steps previously discussed.

Data Download

Data for each river basin can be download separately. Next to each basin name is a "kml" link. By selecting this link a kml file will be downloaded and can be viewed in Google Earth.