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Arkady Kholodenko

Dr. Arkady KholodenkoProfessor
Physical Chemistry

Phone: (864) 656-5016
Office: 375 Hunter Laboratories

Research Interests | Publications

Dr. Kholodenko was educated as a physicist in the USSR, receiving his M.Sc. (1976) from Kiev State University. He came to the United States in 1978 and received his Ph.D. (1982) in physical chemistry from the University of Chicago. After two years of postdoctoral research at the James Franck Institute (Chicago), he joined Clemson in 1984.

Research Interests

example oneDr. Kholodenko's group conducts research in the following areas: 1) theory of liquid crystalline semiflexible polymer solutions; 2) statistical mechanics of disordered systems, including glasses and random copolymers; 3) theory of knots and links with applications to condensed matter and biological systems; and 4) theory of quantum and classical chaos.

Recent achievements include prediction and characterization of phase transitions in strong concentrated electrolyte solutions; development of the theory of concentrated solutions of flexible and semiflexible polymers; development of the theory of random copolymer glasses; development of the theory of knots and links with applications to polymer physics; development of the theory of defects and textures in liquid crystals with applications to related condensed matter systems. Results of this theory also include some applications to particle physics (string theory) and Einsteinian gravity.



(Recent publications: Click here)

Melnichenko YB, He LL, Sakurovs R, Kholodenko AL, Blach T, Mastalerz M, Radlinski AP, Cheng G, & Mildner DFR (2012) Accessibility of pores in coal to methane and carbon dioxide. Fuel 91(1):200-208.

Kholodenko AL & Silagadze ZK (2012) When physics helps mathematics: Calculation of the sophisticated multiple integral. Physics of Particles and Nuclei 43(6):882-888.

Kholodenko, A. L., Gravity-Assisted Solution of the Mass Gap Problem for Pure Yang-Mills Fields. International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics 2011, 8 (6), 1355-1418.

My most popular polymer papers can be found here:

My most popular colloidal physics papers can be found here :

Computer fitting programs (available for download) used world-wide by the polymer neutron and light scattering experimentalists based on my exact analytical result for the scattering function for polymers of arbitrary flexibility, known as "Kholodenko worm" (in polymer literature),can be found here: (Switzerland)

and independently here: (UK)

The library of polymer physics textbooks and articles
(including my own) available for download can be found here:

Supplemental reading to my paper "Some topological and geometrical problems in polymer physics" (entry 22 in the library of polymer physics texbooks), including references to my more recently published papers on this subject, can be found here :

Older publications are listed below:

"Conformational statistics of semiflexible polymers: comparison between different models", Physica A, 1998,260 , 267.

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