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Making Mathematics Accessible to All

Principal Investigator: Bill Moss

Goal/Strategy: The goal of this project addresses: ARC primary Goal 2-"Strengthen the capacity of the people of Appalachia to compete in the global economy." Strategic Objective 2.3-"Increase access to quality child care and early childhood education." Strategy 1-"Support efforts to initiate and expand early childhood education programs."

The overall purpose of the project Making Mathematics Accessible to All is to strengthen Appalachia's economic competitiveness by providing students with mathematical opportunities that show evidence of closing educational achievement gaps among diverse groups of students and improving the mathematical achievement of all students. By providing young students with mathematical experiences that enable them to develop confidence in their ability to learn and think mathematically, this project will prepare students for participation in higher level mathematics courses in middle and high school, thus making the possibility of higher education more accessible, and the probability of success more likely.


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