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Information for Faculty


Employees (including graduate students) may charge airline tickets, rental car or registration to department card; never hotel or meals. Other charges will be reimbursed upon submission of travel form and receipts to Amanda.

Visitors: Most charges allowed to credit card; reimbursement claims with online form to Lori. Meals CANNOT be put on dept credit card.

Undergraduate students: Most charges allowed to credit card; reimbursement claims with form to Lori.

Foreign travel: Must be approved in advance.


University purchasing card policies (including allowables and non-allowables)

Under $2,500: Use credit card (receipts to Lori ASAP) or order in BuyWays.

$2,500 – 10,000: Need three simple quotes to Lori, or in BuyWays on state contract.

Over $10,000: Must generally go out for bids.

For Assistance

Grad assistants, grad student hourly employees, undergrad employees, hire post docs: See Risé

All payments and purchasing questions: See Lori

Grad students —  grad school forms, information, announcing defenses: See Amanda

Undergrads — curriculum, transcript, advising, graduation: See Celeste

Scheduling rooms, planetarium shows, building maintenance, ordering classroom supplies: See Deb

Startup and incentive accounts: See David Reynolds (

Grants accounts, updates, changes, and closeouts: See Michelle Duncan (