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Information for Accepted Students

After you have applied to Clemson

The status of your application for graduate study submitted through the Clemson University Graduate School can be checked online.

Status: Accepted -- This means you qualify for admission to the program. You will not officially be admitted to the graduate program until all final and official transcripts and test scores are received.

If you are accepted

You should consider visiting Clemson to make sure we are a good fit for you. Ask us about helping with the cost of your travel. Also, explore (if you have not already) research opportunities in our program.

Assistantship Decisions -- After students are admitted, the Physics and Astronomy Department makes all assistantship decisions. The Graduate School cannot tell you more about that status. It will typically take two more weeks before you receive official notification of an assistantship offer or if you are on the waiting list for an offer. If you are offered an assistantship, you must sign the letter and return it to accept the offer. All offers remain valid until 15 April (for admission to the Fall semester) or 30 Nov (for Spring admission), after which time they might be offered to other applicants. Of course, if you will not accept our offer, please tell us as soon as you are sure.

Note that Fall classes begin around 22 August, and orientation for teaching assistants begins about 10 August.You should plan to arrive in Clemson by 8 August if you will be a teaching assistant for Fall. (For the schedule for Spring admissions, please contact the department.)