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Colloquia and Seminars


Physics & Astronomy Graduate Student Zoom Meetings

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, PandA Graduate Students have been holding remote meetings over Zoom at 2:00 pm (EST) on Tuesdays.  These meetings have centered around professional and career development, and have covered topics like preparing an elevator pitch, how to choose a post-graduation career path, how to speak to journalists about your research, and many more.  Please use the links below to view recordings of these meetings.

11/03 Guest Speaker, Dr. Jeremy Capps, University of Texas, San Antonio and Phoenix Performance Calibration - Nontraditional Careers:  View Recording

10/06 Guest Speaker, Dr. Amy C. Gall, Harvard & Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics - Graduate Fellowship Pros and Cons: View Recording

07/28 Guest Speakers, Professor Jeffrey Fung and Professor Jonathan Zrake - Meet our new astrophysics faculty members: View Recording

07/21 Guest Speakers, Professor Kasra Sardashti and Professor Yao Wang - Meet our new CM faculty members: View Recording

07/14 Guest Speaker, Professor Andrew Kiene, Nova Southeastern University - Careers in academia: View Recording

06/25 Guest Speakers, Professor Joan Marler, Professor Catalina Marinescu, and Dr. Pooja Puneet - Women in Physics

06/16 Guest Speakers, Tracy Austin and Julie Biggers, Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development - CV and Resume Workshop: View Recording

06/09 Guest Speaker, Dr. Hengjia Wang - Preparing for a career in the financial sector: View Recording

06/04 Guest Speakers, Professor Jens Oberheide, Professor Steven Kaeppler, Professor Marco Ajello, Professor Jian He, and Professor Feng Ding - Writing successful proposals: View Recording

05/26 Guest Speaker, Professor Murray Daw - Careers in industry, national labs, and academia: View Recording

05/12 Guest Speaker, Heather Cook, Assistant Direcor of Career Deveopment, Michelin Career Center - Resources for graduate students at Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development: View Recording

05/08 Guest Speaker, Dr. Dhruva Kulkarni - Preparing for a career in industry: View Recording

04/28 Guest Speaker, Professor Sean Brittain Preparing for a career in academia: View Recording

04/14 Guest Speaker, Jim Melvin, Director of Public Information, Clemson University SCIENCE Speaking with journalists about research: View Recording


Colloquia and Seminars


Colloquia are normally scheduled for Thursdays at 4:00 pm.  All colloquia are being held virtually until further notice.  

Any questions or suggestions may be directed to the Colloquia Committee Chair, Dr. Feng Ding (

Fall 2020 Events:

08/20 Colloquium:  Dr. Roger Blandford, Stanford University On the Electrodynamics of Fast Radio Bursts - View Recording

09/03 Colloquium:  Dr. Brian Siana, University of California, IrvineAddressing the Climate Crisis: The Physics that Points Us Toward a Better World - View Recording

09/17 Colloquium:  Dr. Justin Burton - Emergent, Nonequilibrium Physics in a "Dusty Plasma" - Recording Unavailable

10/01 Colloquium:  Dr.Courtney McGahee, Appalachian State University - Engineering Physics MS at Appalachian State UniversityView Recording

10/15 Colloquium:  Dr. Ke Fang, Stanford University Multi-messenger Astrophysics: Probing Compact Objects with Cosmic Particles - View Recording

10/22 Colloquium:  Dr. Matteo Mitrano, Havard University - Controlling quantum materials with light - View Recording

10/29 Colloquium:  Dr. Lin Li, University of Texas, El Paso - Using computational biophysics approach to study virtual capsid assembly - Recording Unavailable

11/05 Colloquium:  Dr. Faruck Morcos, University of Texas, DallasBiological physics and molecular coevolution: from structure to design and back to evolution - View Recording

11/12 Colloquium:  Dr. Krista Smith - Through the Kaleidoscope: How We Study Black Holes and the Galaxies They Live In - View Recording

11/19 Colloquium: Dr. Chunjing Jia, SLAC National Lab Theoretical investigations of electronic structure for superconducting infinite-layer nickelates