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Colloquia and Seminars


Physics & Astronomy Graduate Student Zoom Meetings

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, PandA Graduate Students have been holding remote meetings over Zoom at 2:00 pm (EST) on Tuesdays.  These meetings have centered around professional and career development, and have covered topics like preparing an elevator pitch, how to choose a post-graduation career path, how to speak to journalists about your research, and many more.  Please use the links below to view recordings of these meetings.

7/28 Guest Speakers, Professor Jeffrey Fung and Professor Jonathan Zrake - Meet our new astrophysics faculty members: View Recording

7/21 Guest Speakers, Professor Kasra Sardashti and Professor Yao Wang - Meet our new CM faculty members: View Recording

7/14 Guest Speaker, Professor Andrew Kiene, Nova Southeastern University - Careers in academia: View Recording

6/25 Guest Speakers, Professor Joan Marler, Professor Catalina Marinescu, and Dr. Pooja Puneet - Women in Physics

6/16 Guest Speakers, Tracy Austin and Julie Biggers, Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development - CV and Resume Workshop: View Recording

6/09 Guest Speaker, Dr. Hengjia Wang - Preparing for a career in the financial sector: View Recording

6/04 Guest Speakers, Professor Jens Oberheide, Professor Steven Kaeppler, Professor Marco Ajello, Professor Jian He, and Professor Feng Ding - Writing successful proposals: View Recording

5/26 Guest Speaker, Professor Murray Daw - Careers in industry, national labs, and academia: View Recording

5/12 Guest Speaker, Heather Cook, Assistant Direcor of Career Deveopment, Michelin Career Center - Resources for graduate students at Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development: View Recording

5/08 Guest Speaker, Dr. Dhruva Kulkarni - Preparing for a career in industry: View Recording

4/28 Guest Speaker, Professor Sean Brittain Preparing for a career in academia: View Recording

4/14 Guest Speaker, Jim Melvin, Director of Public Information, Clemson University SCIENCE Speaking with journalists about research: View Recording

Colloquia and Seminars

Colloquia are normally scheduled for Thursdays at 4:00 pm and take place in the G01 Lecture Hall, Kinard Laboratory. Deviations from the regular date or time will be noted on the calendar. After the colloquium, refreshments are served immediately in Room 108.   Please join us!

Any questions or suggestions may be directed to the Colloquia Committee Chair, Dr. Feng Ding (

Spring 2020 Events:

1/07 Physics Colloquium Graphene-Superconductor Hybrids: towards graphene-based topological computing devices.

1/14 Physics Colloquium -Hybrid Superconductor–Semiconductor Material Platforms for Quantum Information Processing

1/16 Physics Colloquium -Towards Quantum Computing with Blochnium Qubit

1/23 Colloquium:  Dr. Steve Desch -The Effect of Jupiter's Formation on the Distribution of Refractory Elements and Inclusions in Meteorites

2/06 Physics ColloquiumNovel and Pragmatic Perspectives on Nonequilibrium Quantum Materials

2/13 Physics Colloquium -Topological semimetals and their quantum responses

2/18 Physics Colloquium -Towards quantum computation with topological qubits

2/20 Physics Colloquium -Quantum Simulation of Quasiparticles of Light and Matter

3/03 Colloquium:  McKinley Brumback -Exploring the physics of accretion onto luminous, magnetized neutron stars

3/05 Colloquium:  Dr. Brian Fields -When Stars Attack! Near-Earth Supernova Explosions Revealed by Deep-Ocean and Lunar Radioactivit


Fall 2019 events- 

9/12 Colloquium: Dr. Wanyi Nie, Los Alamos National Lab - Perovskite Semiconductors for Opto-Electronic Device and Radiation Detector

9/19 Colloquium: Dr. Cissi Lin - Atmospheric Physics Colloquium

9/26 Colloquium: Prof. Ryan Comes -  Engineering Oxide Thin Films at the Atomic Level for New Electronic and Energy Applications

10/3  Colloquium: Dr. Christopher J. Fontes, Los Alamos National Lab - A Link between Atomic Physics and Gravitational Wave Spectroscopy

10/10 Colloquium: Dr. John Meriwether - The LHC and ITER facilities in Europe: a report on two amazing physics facilities

10/17 Colloquium: Dr. Anthony Rizzi, Institute for Advanced Physics - A New Quantum Paradox and its Resolution

10/24 Colloquium: Dr. Stefano Marchesi, Italian National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF-OAS)  - An X-ray search of the most obscured supermassive black holes

10/31 Colloquium: Dr. Kate Alexander, Northwestern University - Cosmic Extremes: TDA in the MMA World

11/7 Colloquium: Dr. Xinzhao Chu - Unlocking the Mysteries in Antarctica with Laser Spectroscopy in Space

11/14 Colloquium: Dr. John Yukich, Davidson College - Photodetachment: When Negative Ions See the Light

12/5 - Page Morton Hunter Distinguished Seminar Series: Mark Bolding, PhD, Director, Civitan International Neuroimaging Laboratory
"Life among brains: the Civitan International Neuroimaging Laboratory and my work there"