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Colloquia and Seminars

Colloquia are normally scheduled for Thursdays at 4:00 pm.  All colloquia will be available virtually until further notice.  

Any questions or suggestions may be directed to the Colloquia Committee Chair, Dr. Feng Ding (


Summer Seminar Series on Gas Dynamics and Gravity
(organized by Dr. Jonathan Zrake and the Computational Multi-messenger Astrophysics Group)

 Virtual Seminar Series available via Zoom at 

Fridays, 2:00 pm, EST

05/27 Ryan Westernacher-Schneider, Clemson University- Thickness-driven Precession of Lopsided Disks, and its Consequences- View Recording

06/03 Enrico Ragusa, Ens de Lyon- Binary disc interaction theory — applications to protoplanetary systems and compact object binaries

06/10 Munan Gong, MPEFaster Grain Growth in protoplanetary Disks Enabled by MRI Turbulence- View Recording

06/17 Mark Avara, IoA, Cambridge- Accretion onto Massive Black Hole Binaries During Final Inspiral 

06/24 Geoff Ryan, Perimeter Institute- Title TBD

07/01 Alessia Franchini, University of Milan-Bicocca- Title TBD

07/08 Elisa Bortolas, University of Milan-Bicocca- The Path to Coalescence of Massive Black HoleBinaries in Gas-rich Environments

07/15 Max Moe, University of Arizona- Close Binary Stars - Evidence for Circumbinary Disk Accretion and Migration

07/22 Jordy Davelaar, Columbia University/Flatiron InstituteTitle TBD

07/29 Magdalena Siwek, CFA Accretion Onto Eccentric Binaries

08/05 Luke Krauth, Columbia UniversityLight Curves from Disks Around Kicked BH Merger Remnants


Spring 2022 Events:

02/24 Colloquium: Dr. Bethany Johns, APLU- Pathways to the Workforce

03/24 Colloquium: Dr. Michelle Digman, UCI

03/31 Colloquium: Dr. Yunhui Peng, National Institute of Health

04/14 Colloquium: Dr. Monica Allen, UCSD- Visualization of Topological States of Matter Using Microwave Impedance Microscopy - View Recording

04/19 Colloquium: Dr. Richard Fishel, Ohio State University- Imaging the Mechanics of DNA Mismatch Repair in Real-Time at Single Molecule Resolution - View Recording

04/21 Colloquium: Dr. Sagar Khare, RutgersTowards data- and biophysics-driven protein engineering for developing therapeutic enzymes 

04/28 Colloquium: Dr. Stefano Marchesi- Abstract TBA


Fall 2021 Events:

08/26 Colloquium: Dr. Cheng-Chien Chen, University of Alabama at Birmingham Thermoelectric and Topological Properties of Lanthanum Monopnictides under Pressure - View Recording

09/09 Colloquium: Dr. Laura Grego, Global Security Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists The Growing Danger of Nuclear Weapons (and how physicists can help reduce it) - View Recording

09/30 Colloquium: Dr. Natarajan Kannan, University of Georgia Institute of Bioinformatics Functional classification of proteins using deep learning models and phylogenetic approaches View Recording

10/14 Colloquium: Dr. Richard Haight, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center - Femtosecond Photoelectron and Photovoltage Spectroscopy: Electronic Structure of Technologically Important Interfaces and HeterostructuresView Recording

10/21 Colloquium: Dr. Christopher Walker, University of ArizonaTeraHertz Astronomy  - View Recording

11/04 Colloquium: Dr. Laurence Connor, Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA’s Sea Ice and Polar Dynamics Science Team: An overview and a look to the future View Slides

11/05 Colloquium: Dr. Adrian E. Feiguin, Northeastern University - A time-dependent numerical approach to inelastic scattering spectroscopies in and away from equilibrium: beyond perturbation theory - View Recording