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Transit of Venus 2012 - Clemson

More than 200 people visited Clemson's Carillon Garden to see Venus pass in front of the Sun on 5 June 2012. Earth had her say about Venus' glory -- just a few minutes after the tranist began, clouds obscured the view. It was another hour before we got more than a few seconds of a clear view, but those who stayed around past 7:15 pm got a good look at the transit through a telescope. Clemson astronomy PhD students helped with explanations and demonstrations. See also an article describing the event published in the The Anderson Independent Mail.

This will not be seen from Earth again until 2117. Venus orbits the Sun just about 13 times for every 8 orbits of the Earth (years.) So Venus intervenes every 8 years, but because its orbit is tilted relative to Earthe's, on most passes, it is either above or below the Sun. Only when this occurs when Venus is crossing the Earths orbital plan, two times every 120 years or so, do we see a transit.