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Physics and Astronomy Alumni

We are incredibly proud of our many graduate alumni. If you haven't done so recently, please provide us with your current information and employment history for our records, and links to your current page, if you want it listed here.


Bojazi, Michael M.S. 2013
Co-production of nitrogen-15 and oxygen-18 in explosive helium burning and implications for supernova graphite grains

Zhu, Song Ph.D. 2013
Thermoelectric study of INSB secondary phase based nano composite materials

Zhang, Zhe Ph.D. 2013
In silico modeling the effect of single point mutations and rescuing the effect by small molecules binding

Hampton, Shaun M.S. 2013
Pair production by primordial black hole evaporation


Thompson, Daniel Ross Ph.D. 2012
Thermoelectric properties of silicon germanium: an in-depth study to the reduction of lattice thermal conductivity

Kaur, Amanpreet M.S. 2012
Ultraluminous x-ray sources in the Andromeda Galaxy: two recent discoveries and their implications

Lingam, Kiran Kumar Ph.D. 2012
Spectroscopic signature for bundling, edge states and impurities in 1D and 0D materials

Liskowsky, Joseph Paul Ph.D. 2012
Planet formation in transition disks: modeling, spectroscopy, and theory

Singh, Manjeet M.S. 2012
Evaluation of the "26Al method" as star formation rate indicator

Lake, Russell E Ph.D. 2012
Interaction of highly charged ions with ultrathin dielectric films

Bryngelson, Ginger Ph.D. 2012
The power of thermonuclear supernovae after one year

Bhattacharya, Priyanka Ph.D. 2012
Environmental implications and applications of nanomaterials

Chen, Ran Ph.D. 2012
Understanding nanoparticle-cell interaction


Donehew, Brian Ph.D. 2011
Measurements of mass accretion rates in Herbig A

Lung, Florin Dacian Ph.D. 2011
Transport phenomena in semiconductor superlattices

Ratnikova, Tatsiana A Ph.D. 2011
Biological and ecological responses to carbon-based nanomaterials

Podila, Ramakrishna Ph.D. 2011
Effects of surface states, defects and dopants on the optical and magnetic properties of low-dimensional materials

Capps, Jeremy Patrick M.S. 2011
Thermal, electrical, and structural behavior of silver chalcogenide composites


Johnson, Joseph P Ph.D. 2010
Internal transitions in nuclei and applications to astrophysics and cosmochemistry

Updike, Adria C Ph.D. 2010
Gamma ray bursts as probes of dust in the evolving universe

Troutman, Matthew R Ph.D. 2010
Observing CO in circumstellar disks

C Mitra, Rooplekha M.S. 2010
Understanding the role of electrostatics on protein-protein binding

Liskowsky, Joseph Paul M.S. 2010
FUor and EXor variables : a NIR high- resolution spectroscopic survey

Yu, Tianhong M.S. 2010
Libstatmech and applications to astrophysics

Johns, Bethany R Ph.D. 2010
Modeling the Galactic 511 keV positron annihilation emission, production and propagation


Ray, Matthew Preston Ph.D. 2009
The dynamics of energy and charge transfer in low and hyperthermal energy ion-solid interactions

Mart, Chris M.S. 2009
Structural role of pseudouridines in the peptidyl transferase center of human 28S ribosomal RNA

Wang, Changyuan Ph.D. 2009
Branchings and time evolution of reaction networks

Su, Zhe Ph.D. 2009
Improved thermoelectric performance of p-type polycrystalline Bi2Te3 via hydrothermal treatment with alkali metal salts

Hayes, W Ph.D. 2009
Atom scattering from metals

Scott, Tyler David M.S. 2009
Analysis of the neutral wind profiles from the HEX II experiment

Simmons, Shelton O'Brien M.S. 2009
A study of the mesosphere-lower thermosphere : noctilucent cloud observations and rocket borne density measurements

Baugh, Patrick A M.S. 2009
A spectroscopic analysis of V505 Persei and the origin of the Lithium dip

Bubar, Eric J Ph.D. 2009
The reality of the Wolf 630 moving group

Yang, Keqin Ph.D. 2009
Inter-tube bonding and defects in carbon nanotubes and the impact on the transport properties and micro-morphology

Alboni, Paola Nidia Ph.D. 2009
Effect of CoSb3 nanoparticles on the thermoelectric properties of filled and unfilled CoSb3 skutterudites

Theiling, Mark Ph.D. 2009
Observations of very high energy gamma ray emission from supernova remnants with VERITAS


Johns, Bethany R M.S. 2008
The origin of the Galactic 511 keV positron annihilation emission morphology

Bleda, Erdi Ata Ph.D. 2008
Calculations of diffusion in FCC binary alloys using on-the-fly kinetic Monte Carlo

Chen, Yu M.S. 2008
A spectroscopic analysis of HD 134439 and HD 134440

Taylor, Jonathan Davis M.S. 2008
Analysis of the nonlinear vibrations of electrostatically actuated micro-cantilevers in harmonic detection of resonance (HDR)

Fan, Guoqing Ph.D. 2008
3-D calculation of atom-surface collisions with direct scattering, trapping and desorption

Zhang, Bo Ph.D. 2008
Lead chalcogenide nano-composites : synthesis, thermal and electrical transport properties

Eid, Hala A M.S. 2008
Probing GRB environments through x-ray absorption

Bryngelson, Ginger M.S. 2008
Physics of Type Ia supernovae

Holgate, Tim C M.S. 2008
The thermoelectric properties investigation of X0.05Mo3Sb7 -yTey (X=Mn, Fe, Ni, Co; y=1.5, 1.6, 1.7)

Lung, Florin Dacian M.S. 2008
Thermal Coulomb drag in a bi-layer semiconductor system

Gothard, Nicholas Wesley Ph.D. 2008
The effects of nanoparticle inclusions upon the microstructure and thermoelectric transport properties of bismuth telluride- based composites


Rao, Rahul Ph.D. 2007
Raman spectroscopic evidence for anharmonic phonon lifetimes and blueshifts in 1D structures

Davis, Keith W Ph.D. 2007
Supernova injection of short-lived radionuclides into the presolar cloud : a feasibility study

Zheng, Liqiu Ph.D. 2007
Spin density wave phases in semiconductor superlattices

Edwards, Bradley Allen M.S. 2007
Comparison of thermoelectric properties of arc-melted and hot- pressed half-Heuslers

Xu, Lingyun Ph.D. 2007
Electronic structure of MoS2 nanotubes

Zhan, Tianyu Ph.D. 2007
Mesosphere and lower thermosphere neutral winds observations using rocket-released chemical trails at Poker Flat, Alaska

Andrews, Justine Elizabeth M.S. 2007
Comparison between steady state and laser flash techniques

Troutman, Matthew R M.S. 2007
Searching for H3+ in the atmosphere of the exoplanet HD 209458B

Zhang, Huqin M.S. 2007
The thermoelectric properties investigation of Ir3Ge7 typed representatives

Johnson, Joseph P M.S. 2007
An examination of colliding galaxy clusters : recreating 1E 0657-56 with GADGET-2

Czech, Christopher D M.S. 2007
Charge effects in bilayer electric transport

Bubar, Eric Joseph M.S. 2007
Keck HIRES spectroscopy of candidate post T Tauri stars

Roy, Ankita Ph.D. 2007
Quantitative methods and detection techniques in hyperspectral imaging involving medical and other applications

Updike, Adria C M.S. 2007
Gamma ray burst afterglow observations


Hickman, Nicoleta Sorloaica Ph.D. 2006
Experimental and theoretical optimization of the thermoelectric figure of merit of heavily doped TiNiSn alloys

Lu, Qi Ph.D. 2006
An exploratory study of interfacing carbon nanotubes with biological systems

Homewood, Autumn L M.S. 2006
Observation and analyses of gamma ray burst afterglows

Lair, Jessica Crist Ph.D. 2006
An observational analysis of the late light curves of normal Type Ia supernovae

Guo, Liyu M.S. 2006
Turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rate and eddy diffusivity study in the tropical mesosphere using Jicamarca radar data

Bao, Fang M.S. 2006
Liblvls and its applications : internal equilibration of 26Al by eigenvalue calculation

Parker, Allen L M.S. 2006
Online resources for late additions to the solar nebula

Moody, Stephen Andrew M.S. 2006
Apparatus and instrumentation design for investigation of hyperthermal- and low-energy surface impact current production

Ray, Matthew P M.S. 2006
Assembly and modification of a hyperthermal and low energy ion beamline for detecting electron-hole pair production in Schottky diodes

Molgaard, Joshua J M.S. 2006
Astronomy with radioactivity : tracing galactic star formation with gamma-ray lines

Lin, Jun M.S. 2006
Binding and cleavage of dexyoinosine by single endonuclease V

Schuler, Simon C Ph.D. 2006
Chemical abundances of solar-type dwarfs in open clusters

Fleming, Thomas Ph.D. 2006
A study of two systems of correlated electrons

Garimella, Kiran V M.S. 2006
Photons and neutrinos from cosmic gamma-ray bursts

Daane, Abigail Ruby M.S. 2006
Possible identification of a metal-rich old moving group : high- resolution spectroscopy of candidate members

Wang, Changyuan M.S. 2006
Statistical equilibria in big-bang nucleosynthesis

Gaillard, Jay B Ph.D. 2006
Harmonic detection of resonance in micro- and nano- cantilevers

Boone, Roggie Hiram M.S. 2006
SPECTOOLS : a website for spectroscopy support

Schallhorn, Kathryn M.S. 2006
Single-molecule detection of DNA damage

Adams, David M.S. 2006
Libnucnet, wn_matrix, and their applications


Harris, Colin C M.S. 2005
Vacancy-mediated diffusion in Ni₃Al using Kinetic Monte Carlo method

Zhou, Xiaoqian M.S. 2005
Analysis of wind speed and wind shear statistics and small scale structure using Doppler lidar data from New Mexico and Hawaii

Lowhorn, Nathan Dane Ph.D. 2005
Effect of rare-earth doping on the thermoelectric and electrical transport properties of the transition metal pentatelluride HfTe₅

Kinnison, James Dwayne Ph.D. 2005
High energy neutron spectroscopy in thick silicon detectors

Alboni, Paola Nidia M.S. 2005
Effect of Si-doping on the thermoelectric properties in type I Ba₈Ga₁₆Ge₃₀ clathrates

Aaron, Kelvin Rono M.S. 2005
Measurement of the in-plane thermal conductivity of single crystals by the modified parallel thermal conductance technique

Theiling, Mark Frederick M.S. 2005
X-ray observations of ⁴⁴Ti decay in supernova remnant Cas A

Ambaye, Hailemariam Ph.D. 2005
Diatomic molecule scattering from metal surfaces and its applications

Zhan, Tianyu M.S. 2005
Observations of neutral wind gradients in the auroral oval during two substorm events


Lamberton, Gary Austin Ph.D. 2004
Thermoelectric properties of europium and ytterbium doped CoSb3 skutterudites and novel thermal transport in type-II silicon clathrates

Deneault, Ethan A Ph.D. 2004
Formation and growth of large carbon solids in supernovae

Bartlett, Matthew Allen Ph.D. 2004
In vivo diagnosis of skin cancer using polarized and multiple scattered light spectroscopy

Sorloaica, Nicoleta Zina M.S. 2004
Comparative study of the structure, electronic and thermal properties of the crystalline system Cd₆Yb with the quasicrystalline system Cd₅.₇Yb

Fan, Guoqing M.S. 2004
Theory of gas-surface scattering with multiple collisions in the physisorption potential well

Weston, David Alan Ph.D. 2004
Quantitative evaluation of rubbe

Tedstrom, Raymond H M.S. 2004
Vacancy-mediated diffusion in Ni₃Al

Jordan, George Calhoun Ph.D. 2004
Nucleosynthesis in fast expansions of high-entropy, proton rich matter


Davis, Keith W M.S. 2003
Hydrodynamics of radioactivity injection into the presolar cloud

Gu, Xuejun M.S. 2003
Continuous-wave optical diffuse tomography for breast cancer detection : theoretical, experimental and clinical studies

Bhattacharya, Sriparna Ph.D. 2003
Investigation of thermoelectric properties of Ti-based half- Heusler alloys

Lindsay, Kevin J M.S. 2003
Optical observations of gamma-ray burst afterglows

Myers, Jeannette M Ph.D. 2003
Galaxy evolution : effects of stellar feedback on the dynamics of halo formation

Abdel-Hadi, Ahmad Ph.D. 2003
Gravity assist and scattering of AGB stars off molecular clouds

Weston, David Alan M.S. 2003
Quantitative evaluation of elastomer blends by atomic force microscopy

Crist, Jessica L M.S. 2003
Multi-band photometry of type Ia supernovae

McGuire, Kristopher Bryan Ph.D. 2003
Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials : nanotubes, nanowires, and nanobelts

Gothard, Nicholas W M.S. 2003
Synthesis, characterization, and electronic transport studies of multi-walled carbon nanotube Y junctions

Harris, Larry C M.S. 2003
The galactic supernova rate


Schuster, Chad M.S. 2002
X-ray diffraction of NbSe₃ at low temperature and under uniaxial strain

Savage, Traig W M.S. 2002
Effects of oxygen adsorption and nitrogen doping on the thermoelectric power (TEP) in multi-walled carbon nanotubes

Gupta, Sanjib Shankar Ph.D. 2002
A treatment of excited states in nucleosynthesis

Levi, Nicole Hope M.S. 2002
Monocyte phagocytosis of buckey balls

Pope, Amy Liann Ph.D. 2002
Electrical and thermal transport in quasicrystalline systems

Lu, Qi M.S. 2002
The diffusion approximation model for tubid [sic] media with a spatially varying refractive index : impact of skin on optical breast imaging

Gamble, Brian Keith Ph.D. 2002
Specific heat and transport properties of the light rare-earth diantimonides


Lamberton, Gary A M.S. 2001
Investigation of potential thermoelectric material systems : opal matrix systems and skutterudite systems

Deneault, Ethan A M.S. 2001
Condensation of carbon in radioactive supernova gas

Theiling, Dale L M.S. 2001
White dwarf structure and evolution, and the age of the galactic disk

Ojha, Ashish Ph.D. 2001
Quantitative analysis of images obtained from single cell gel electrophoresis assay

Wilson, William R Ph.D. 2001
Rocket and radar observations of quasi-periodic structures associated with mid-latitude sporadic E layers

Winkler, Donny Wayne M.S. 2001
Characterization of rhenium doped aluminum palladium manganese quasicrystals

Yow, Sushan M.S. 2001
Measurement of effects of trapped charge and charge removal in UVPROMs exposed to 6 Mev electron radiation

Jordan, George Calhoun M.S. 2001
General technique for computing neutron exposures in convective environments


Ramesh, Sathappan M.S. 2000
CCD-based spectroscopic imaging system for early detection of breast cancer

Kaeser, Michael Alexander M.S. 2000
Themoelectric [sic] properties of the rare earth filled skutterudite compound cobalt tri-antimonide

Talbot, Julie L Ph.D. 2000
A calculation of the magnetic moment of a charged vector meson using proper normalization

Burcham, Joel D Ph.D. 2000
Coherent scatter radar analysis of equatorial spread F

Bartlett, Matthew A M.S. 2000
Optimization of continuous wave photon migration approach for particle sizing in concentrated suspensions

Ozer, Ali M.S. 2000
Correlation functions for single occupancy : su(3) canonical quantization of the t-J Hamiltonian

Williams, George Grant Ph.D. 2000
Early-time observations of gamma-ray burst error boxes with the Livermore Optical Transient Imaging System

Lowhorn, Nathan Dane M.S. 2000
Electrical and thermal transport properties in the copper polytelluride system

Li, Mubing M.S. 2000
An experimental and theoretical analysis of the multiphonon excitation probability for Einstein-like modes in atom-surface scattering

Luo, Ning Ph.D. 2000
Galactic abundance evolution of isotopes and applications to cosmochemical samples

Savage, Mark William Ph.D. 2000
Neutron and proton single event upsets at reduced bias

Tekleab, Daniel Ph.D. 2000
Effect of symmetry breaking on electronic structure of carbon nanotubes : scaning [sic] tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy study


Scheick, Leif Zebediah Ph.D. 1999
UVPROM dosimetry, microdosimetry and applications to SEU and extreme value theory

Wrotny, Jonathan Edwin M.S. 1999
Measurements of F-region airglow over Clemson, SC and Arecibo, Puerto Rico with a tilting filter photometer

Pope, Amy Liann M.S. 1999
Electrical and thermal transport properties of quasicrystalline aluminum palladium manganese

Gupta, Sanjib Shankar M.S. 1999
Computing the effective rate for the equilibration of ²⁶AL

Brown, Jason S Ph.D. 1999
A metastable state for a(111)(110) dislocations in B2 NiAl and its role in their decomposition

Marshall, Timothy Richard Ph.D. 1999
Investigations of high latitude wind shears in the lower thermosphere

Muis, André M.S. 1999
Angular and energyresolved [sic] distributions of argon reflected from molten metal surfaces

Myers, Jeannette M M.S. 1999
The core helium flash in 1.5 M stars with Z = 0.02 and Z = 0.004

Dai, Jinze M.S. 1999
Theory of determination of surface composition in molten metal alloys by rare gas scattering


Fakhruddin, Mohammed M.S. 1998
A study of the thermoelectric and transport properties of the binary and filled skutterudites

McDaniel, Rickey D Ph.D. 1998
Plasma turbulence in the equatorial ionospheric F region

Scheick, Leif Zebediah M.S. 1998
Ultraviolet radiation detection by threshold voltagemonitoring of state changes in arrays of FAMOS transistors

Milne, Peter A Ph.D. 1998
Type Ia supernovae & 511 keV annihilation radiation

Kuester, Catherine R M.S. 1998
Cosmic background radiation

Schneider, Clinton W Ph.D. 1998
Transition metal substitutions for Cu in BSCCO : an instructive probe of high temperature superconductivity

Matthews, Daniel J M.S. 1998
A model correlation function for multiphonon theory of atom surface scattering with applications to helium on silicon(111)

Littleton, Roy Townsend M.S. 1998
Thermoelectric and resistivity effects from isoelectronic substitution on the transition metal sites of pentatelluride materials


Verebelyi, Darren Ph.D. 1997
Thermal conductivity of impurity doped superconducting Bi-Sr-Ca- Cu-O whiskers

Harris, Richard William M.S. 1997
Simulated annealing and the microcanonical ensemble modeling of the traveling salesman problem

Heaton, Gary E M.S. 1997
Passive microdosimeter data acquisition techniques

Talbot, Julie L M.S. 1997
A variational calculation of PSWEP parameters

Kindall, Kevin Gaylynn Ph.D. 1997
Nonperturbative analytical approximate solutions in intrinsically nonlinear systems

Wu, Xinlei M.S. 1997
Drift-diffusion of phase slip generated charges in CDW materials

Krishnan, Tracy Dawn Ph.D. 1997
Factors affecting the nucleosynthesis of ⁴⁸Ca

Burcham, Joel D M.S. 1997
First results from the JULIA radar

Mengistu, Endeshaw H M.S. 1997
Tl₂Mo₆Se₆ V-I characteristics and critical current in the presence of magnetic field

Kuh, Jahyong Ph.D. 1997
Threshold field and Shubnikov de Haas oscillations of NbSe₃ and critical field of Tl₂Mo₆Se₆ under elastic uniaxial strain

Zhang, Hongwei M.S. 1997
Fundamental treatment of the microcanonical ensemble with different global conserved quantities


Savage, Mark William M.S. 1996
The effects of alpha radiation on FAMOS transistor arrays

Glenn, James Allen Lester M.S. 1996
The effect of incident angle on the irradiation of EPROM devices

Williams, George Grant M.S. 1996
Design and implementation of a VHF meteor radar

Schneider, Clinton W M.S. 1996
Growth and characterization of BiSCCO whiskers

Dunfee, Jonathan David M.S. 1996
A study of RADFET dosimetry

Powell, Michael Allan M.S. 1996
Comparison of simultaneous AIDA measurements of wind and temperature fluctuatuions [sic] between 15 and 20 km over Arecibo and the construction of the Clemson University lidar system

Mirick, Judy Lynn M.S. 1996
Instrumentation and data analysis of the Fabry-Perot interferometer at Arequipa, Peru

Sutherland, Charles Taylor M.S. 1996
Passive tilting-filter observations of nocturnal 630.0nm airglow emissions over Clemson, S.C.

Gao, Xing Ph.D. 1996
Optical remote sensing and airborne in situ measurements of atmospheric dynamics in the region from the upper troposphere to the upper mesosphere

Larson, Sandra Cooper Ph.D. 1996
Long range effects on localized radiation damage in DNA

Odom, Christopher Douglas M.S. 1996
Vorticity, divergence, vertical wind and field-aligned current calculations from the ARIA-Vorticity chemical release neutral wind measurements

Brown, Jason S M.S. 1996
A numerical solution to the ideal electron-positron equation of state

Watanabe, Kenji Ph.D. 1996
Measurement of the diffuse gamma-ray background with solar maximum mission

Jones, Thomas C M.S. 1996
Amplitude enhancement, mode locking and memory effects in niobium triselenide

Chen, Lei Ph.D. 1996
Monte-Carlo treatment of predicting proton-induced dark current on charge-coupled devices


Milne, Peter A M.S. 1995
Positron escape from supernova ejecta

Keener, James E Ph.D. 1995
A study of lightning, dynamics, and microphysics in a tropical thunderstorm using UHF and VHF Doppler radars

Craig, Lee Robert M.S. 1995
Analysis of radiation effects on floating gate mosfets

Das, Kanta Ph.D. 1995
Third order isothermal elastic constants of NbSe₃ and TaS₃ and low temperature anomaly in TaS₃

Chang, Yu-Li Ph.D. 1995
Application of MST radar wind estimation techniques to the study of gravity waves in the lower stratosphere and troposphere

Kindall, Kevin Gaylynn M.S. 1995
The angular variation in energy deposition in silicon microvolumes resulting from Pu/Be neutrons


Graham, Thomas Vincent Ph.D. 1994
Mechanical properties of palladium with defects and impurities : a molecular dynamics study

Sanderson, Chris M.S. 1994
On the plausibility of supernovae as sources of interstellar diamond

Weerasinghe, Srilal Muditha Ph.D. 1994
Multiphonon energy exchange in atom-surface scattering

Wojciechowski, Joel Christopher M.S. 1994
Multi-instrumented observations of low latitude nighttime thermospheric dynamics

Carter, Michael J Ph.D. 1994
An analytic model of an interferometer for the study of travelling ionospheric disturbances

Larson, Lloyd S M.S. 1994
Sensitive volume characterization of charge-coupled devices

Chang, John Yun-Ching Ph.D. 1994
Comparison of multiple receiver techniques for estimating horizontal winds

Luo, Ning M.S. 1994
Neutrino background from galactic stars

Schnepf, Neil G M.S. 1994
An estimation of the contribution of pulsars to the diffuse x-ray glow from the galactic plane and the LMC

Moran, Robert S M.S. 1994
Restructuring the Clemson University proton interaction in devices simulation code

Krishnan, Tracy Dawn M.S. 1994
Simple stellar structure models for zero-age main sequence stars

Sethu, Kanchana M.S. 1994
Modelling the equatorial ionosphere

Zeng, Heng M.S. 1994
Accretion disks around black holes

Bridgman, William Thomas Ph.D. 1994
Short timescale variability of the hard x-ray flux from Cygnus X- 1

Lourenc¸o, Adauto José Boianc¸a M.S. 1994
Inelastic scattering of helium from rhodium (111)<110>

Lee, David Anthony M.S. 1994
Charge collection in CMOS silicon on insulator SRAMs

Reed, Robert Andrew Ph.D. 1994
Predicting proton-induced single event upsets rates

Moran, Wanda Kepp M.S. 1994
Preliminary analysis of dose-response characteristics of an EPROM device

Blythe, Daren Sean M.S. 1994
Angular studies of single event upset in a static random access memory at reduced operating bias

Wagner, Keith M.S. 1994
High strain effects on the upper charge density wave in NbSe₅

Dighe, Kalpak Arvind Ph.D. 1994
Coordinated daytime lidar and 430 MHz radar observations of low stratospheric and mesospheric wave phenomena at Arecibo


Gundlach, James P Ph.D. 1993
A study of the thermospheric dynamics of the high-latitude E region using a spectral thermospheric general circulation model

Chilson, Phillip B Ph.D. 1993
A study of precipitation using dual-frequency and interferometric Doppler radars

Hinds, J Ph.D. 1993
A study of large-scale HF-induced thermal self-focused density striations in the ionosphere

Thompson, Antoinette M.S. 1993
A study of charge collection spectra for high and low LET radiation in transistor arrays

Mohr, Robert Deane M.S. 1993
Studies on the nucleation of silicon carbide grains in the stellar wind of age stars

Freeman, Matthew J Ph.D. 1993
Radio wave heating of the lower ionosphere

Roth, David Richard Ph.D. 1993
Microdosimetery in the radiation environment of space

Chen, Xinfen Ph.D. 1993
Growth, characterization and the effect of uniaxial stress on transport properties in BiSCCO high temperature superconducting single crystals

Tseng, Yaw-Teng Ph.D. 1993
Electronic transport in the quasi-one-dimensional conductors, NbSe₃ and Tl₂Mo₆Se₆, under elastic strain

Miller, Neil E M.S. 1993
The dynamics of galactic globular clusters

Fay, Patrick J Ph.D. 1993
Detailed balance method for chemical potential determination and Monte Carlo simulations in the isoenthalpic-isotension-isobaric ensemble

Reed, Robert Andrew M.S. 1993
Angular studies of the associated sensitive volume of a P-N junction

Phillips, Grady Todd M.S. 1993
Growth and characterization of Y1Ba2Cu3O7 high temperature superconducting single crystals


Verebelyi, Darren M.S. 1992
Extended testing of ceramic high temperature superconducting in a simulated space environment

Freeman, Matthew J M.S. 1992
Effects of HF radio wave heating on the lower ionosphere

Marone, Matthew John Ph.D. 1992
Growth, characterization, and elastic properties of bismuth based high temperature superconducting whiskers

Sheppard, E Ph.D. 1992
Radar estimations of atmospheric winds in the troposhere and lower stratosphere

Brooks, Edward J M.S. 1992
Strain effects on the number of charge carriers in the charge density wave material, NbSe3

Dighe, Kalpak Arvind M.S. 1992
Medium scale disturbances in the lower ionosphere

Carter, Michael J M.S. 1992
A rocket-borne HF EM-wave sensor for an ionospheric modification experiment


Calder, Alan C M.S. 1991
Visual characterization of the nodal surfaces of many-fermion systems

Bridgman, William Thomas M.S. 1991
K-shell vacancies due to energetic electrons in supernovae envelopes

Hinds, J M.S. 1991
Computational and experimental studies in support of an artificially ionized mirror

Slater, Timothy M.S. 1991
non-thesis degree

Curry, Marc R M.S. 1991
Finite-size effects of a many-fermion system

Roth, David R M.S. 1991
The role of charge collection in the single event upset

Guha, Sanjay M.S. 1991
Titanium isotopes from asymptotic giant branch stars

Han, Brent M M.S. 1991
Optimization of many-fermion wave functions on shared and distributed memory multiprocessors


Yoe, James G Ph.D. 1990
Analysis and comparison of several methods for processing VHF Doppler radar wind profiler data obtained during a mesoscale convective storm

Dinge, Dennis C M.S. 1990
A study of single event upsets in the IDT 6116V RMOS type SRAM

Dennis, Theodore Stephen Ph.D. 1990
Analysis of UHF Doppler radar observations of a tropical thunderstorm

Gross, Michael R M.S. 1990
S-band Doppler radar observations at vertical incidence of lightning in stratiform rain

Spearman, Anthony Christopher M.S. 1990
Metastable conduction states in dimolybdenum-trisulfide

Tseng, Yaw-Teng M.S. 1990
The effect of uniaxial stress and competition between CDW and superconductivity in Tl̐Mo¡Se¡

Clark, M Ph.D. 1990
Observations and theoretical studies of tides and normal modes in the lower thermosphere


Stanley, Michael Kevin M.S. 1989
Diffusion of Se in AgCl and Hg in AgBr

Tymczak, C M.S. 1989
A molecular dynamics study of solidification and melting of sodium

Drucker, Mark B M.S. 1989
A mathematical technique for the comparison of synthetic cluster color magnitude diagrams to observed cluster color magnitude diagrams

Ribeiro, Eldred Anthony Ph.D. 1989
Quantitative gel electrophoresis of DNA and enumeration of uv- induced thymine dimers

Kalinosky, Michael A M.S. 1989
Solution to the Ginzburg-Landau differential equation for a thin film superconductor

Popson, George Albert Ph.D. 1989
Ionic transport of aliovalent solutes in AgCl and AgBr

Isbell, John T Ph.D. 1989
Stellar evolution in clusters and galaxies

Skorupka, Clement William Ph.D. 1989
Theory of gas-atom scattering from surface defects

Pascarelle, Sebastian M M.S. 1989
A technique for dating the ages of intermediate-age star cluster

Johnson, R M.S. 1989
Spectral parameter estimation with the arecibo 430 mhz Doppler radar


Rho, Jeonghee M.S. 1988
Ages and metallicities of young clusters as determined from color-magnitude diagram

Betarbet, Sandeep R M.S. 1988
Diffusion of sulfur in AGCL and diffusion of zinc in AGBR

Lee, Kar Yue M.S. 1988
The mechanism of pressure induced martensitic transformation

Ditto, William L Ph.D. 1988
A study of the properly normalized lamb shift and a new nonperturbative method of solution generation to nonlinear field equations using continued fractions

Rains, Charles Andrew Ph.D. 1988
Molecular dynamics study of silver iodide

Richard, R Ph.D. 1988
Stored energy in stage I of copper

Pickett, Thomas J Ph.D. 1988
A study of nonlinear physical systems and the magnetic moment of the electron

Cagin, Tahir Ph.D. 1988
Exact treatment of molecular dynamics ensembles and elastic constants of sodium


Elias, Norma A M.S. 1987
Cylindrical Josephson junctions containing metallic bridges and other imperfections

Gundlach, James P M.S. 1987
Nonlinear Geostrophic Adjustment in an Axisymmetric Vortex

St Ph.D. 1987
A semiclassical model of vibrational energy in enzymes

Samec, Ronald G Ph.D. 1987
Photoelectric photometry of very short period eclipsing binary systems and their light curve solutions

Holden, Daniel N Ph.D. 1987
Radar observations of changes in precipitation size spectra associated with lightning

Kluge, Mark David Ph.D. 1987
Molecular dynamics studies of silicon


Marone, Matt M.S. 1986
Instrumentation for critical current measurements

Mitra, Saibal M.S. 1986
The diffusion of cerium in silver chloride and sulphur in silver bromide

Drake, Carl Timothy M.S. 1986
Computer instrumentation for the study of superconducting josephson junctions

Pickett, Thomas J M.S. 1986
Nonperturbative solution construction of nonlinear field equation


Tritt, Terry Michael Ph.D. 1985
Stress induced electron transition in monoclinic TaSe

Ferry, Sylvia Eleanora Dorothy M.S. 1985
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