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Physics and Astronomy Faculty

Physics Faculty Directory
Name Title Email Phone
Ajello, Marco Associate Professor
Alexov, Emil Professor 864-656-3416
Alper, Joshua Assistant Professor 864-656-2502
Brittain, Sean Dept Chair/Head 864-656-6916
Brown, Jason Senior Lecturer 864-656-1217
Connick, David Lecturer 864-656-3416
Daw, Murray S Dean's Distinguished Professor 864-656-6702
Ding, Feng Associate Professor 864-656-0459
Fung, Jeffrey Assistant Professor
Hartmann, Dieter H Professor
Kaeppler, Stephen Assistant Professor 864-656-3419
Lehmacher, Gerald Associate Professor 864-656-5977
Leising, Mark D Professor 864-656-7137
Lu, Xian Assistant Professor
Marinescu, Catalina Professor 864-656-5315
Marler, Joan Associate Professor 864-656-5317
Meyer, Bradley S Professor 864-656-5320
Oberheide, Jens Professor 864-656-5163
Podila, Ramakrishna Associate Professor 864-656-0558
Pope, Amy Senior Lecturer 864-656-3416
Puneet, Pooja Senior Lecturer 864-656-3416
Rao, Apparao Endowed Professor 864-656-6758
Sanabria, Hugo Associate Professor 864-656-1749
Sardashti, Kasra Assistant Professor
Sosolik, Chad Professor 864-656-0310
Takacs, Endre Professor 864-656-3419
Tewari, Sumanta Professor 864-656-5321
The, Lih-sin Senior Lecturer 864-656-1644
Wang, Yao Assistant Professor
Zrake, Jonathan Assistant Professor 864-656-3416