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Astronomy and Astrophysics

The Astrophysics group at Clemson University is involved in a variety of research areas. Below is a list of the current research work being carried out at Clemson. See the links in the left sidebar to learn more.

Gamma-Ray Astronomy

  • Gamma Line of Radioactive Nuclei from Astrophysical Sources
  • Gamma-Ray Background Radiation
  • Spectroscopy and CGRO/OSSE
  • Gamma-Ray Bursts
  • Optical Counterparts to Gamma-Ray Bursts
  • Absorption of photons by the Extragalactic Background Light
  • Cosmic Evolution of Blazars
  • Transient Detection and Study with Fermi

Meteorites and Stardust

Nuclear Astrophysics

  • Massive Star Nucleosynthesis
  • Galactic Chemical Evolution
  • Nuclear Reaction Rate Survey
  • Ti44 Nucleosynthesis Movies by Brad Meyer

Star and Planet Formation

  • High Resolution Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Accretion onto Herbig Ae/Be Stars
  • Spectroastrometry
  • Detection of Signposts of Planet Formation

Stellar Atmospheres

  • High-Resolution Spectroscopy
  • Stellar Abundances
  • Galactic Chemical Evolution
  • Stellar Activity
  • Exoplanets

Stellar Evolution

  • Star Clusters


  • SNe Light Curves
  • X-Ray and Gamma-Rays from SNe