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Planetarium Scheduling

Public Shows

Our Public Shows are available again in the Spring 2022 Semester! 

Public shows will run at 6pm on the following Thursdays during the Spring 2022 Semester. Please use the link on the right side of the page to reserve your seat at a public show.

Date  Show Topic
Jan. 27th Dark Matter
Feb. 10th Exoplanets
Feb. 24th Earth to the Universe
Mar. 10th Our Sun
Apr. 7th Unveiling the Universe
Apr. 21st Dark Matter
May. 5th Earth to the Universe

Private Shows

If you would like to request a private show requesting specific topics and at a specific time we ask that you follow the "Planetarium Private Show Request" link to the right and complete the form or email  If you choose to email your request please read the "Private Planetarium Show Requests" information below and provide the suggested information so we can best schedule your show. 

Upon submitting your request you will receive a confirmation email that your request has been received. Planetarium shows are given by student volunteers and while we will do our best to accommodate all show requests there is the possibility that we will not be able to give the show at the requested time. When requesting a show it helps to provide multiple times and dates when your group can be available.

You will receive a second confirmation email with the date and time of your show. We ask you reply to this email confirming your intent to attend at this scheduled time.

We are currently charging for private shows to help fund maintaining and upgrading the planetarium. We will charge $30 per show for weekday shows (Monday through Friday) and $50 per show for weekend shows (Saturday or Sunday). If this charge is the limiting factor for your visit please contact with the details of your situation and we can discuss discounted options. 

Private Planetarium Show Requests

The following guidelines will help you plan for your visit to the planetarium.

  • How large of a group are you bringing?

    We do have a limit on the number of people allowed in the planetarium. If your group is too large, we may request you break into two or more smaller groups. Are there any specific time(s) you would like to see the show(s)?

    Note: The Planetarium seats approximately 35-40 visitors.

    Please be advised that if you schedule other events on campus, you will need to take into account the travel time between locations. Clemson University is a large campus and parking can be a problem at times.

  • What is the window of time you can be on campus for your show?

  • To help us efficiently schedule your show please provide some dates and time windows you can be on campus for your show.
  • Please keep in mind that parking on campus can be difficult at times so please plan your show request time window taking in to account parking and walking time to the planetarium. Our volunteer presenters are often on tight class schedules so beginning your show on time is important. 
  • Do you have any special needs?

    Our planetarium does have a ramp for wheelchair access, but we do not have much room for more than two wheelchairs in the upper seating area. There is space beside the control panel for someone to sit and still be able to see the show. If you will have someone with a wheelchair, we ask that you please inform us at the time you are scheduling the show.

  • What age group are you bringing?

    Our shows can be tailored to any age group, but it is easier for us to plan ahead what will be shown if we know the age group.

  • Do you have any special topics that you would like us to mention?

    If you are on a tight schedule, the shortest show is 25 minutes. You may request shows for up to 1 hour if you have specific topics you would like addressed.