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Thank you for your interest in SCIENCE. As part of a land-grant University, we understand the value of being locally relevant and embracing the responsibility of improving the lives of South Carolinians. As an aspiring world-class College of Science, we understand the importance of being globally impactful and preparing our graduates to be leaders in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world.

The faculty, staff and students of the College of Science focus as a team on academic, faculty and inclusive excellence, seeking high-impact and transformational experiences. Find out more about the College of Science using the links on this page.

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Clemson scientists further refine how quickly the universe is expanding

Friday November 08, 2019

Wielding state-of-the-art technologies and techniques, Clemson astrophysicists have added a novel approach to quantifying one of the most fundamental laws of the universe – the expansion of the cosmos.

Pre-health students explore careers and network with alumni at 2019 Tigers on Call event

Tuesday November 05, 2019

CLEMSON – An aspiring physician, Biological sciences sophomore Aimey Jimm knows how important the MCAT exam will be someday for getting into medical school. What she didn’t realize until recently was the role the interview will also play in medical school admissions. “I never really thought about what happens after the big exam,” said Jimm, […]

Clemson faculty earn funds for technology development

Tuesday November 05, 2019

The Clemson University Research Foundation (CURF) has announced seven researchers will be awarded fiscal year 2020 Technology Maturation Fund grants to support them as they embark on the crucial last stage needed to move their technology from innovation to commercialization.

Star chemist to speak at Clemson about how human milk sugars help protect infants from dangerous pathogens

Monday November 04, 2019

CLEMSON — Vanderbilt University assistant professor Steven Townsend, whose groundbreaking research has shown how human milk sugars help protect infants against dangerous pathogens, will speak at Clemson University on Nov. 7. Townsend and his team are unraveling the science of human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) and how they maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria […]

Clemson research indicates abundance of microbe diversity key to healthy coastal ecosystem

Monday November 04, 2019

For millions of years, symbiotic bacteria have lived inside the gill cells of Lucinidae clams found in seagrass meadows located mainly along tropical coasts, such as the Florida Keys. These bacteria play a crucial role in the clam’s survival while also contributing to the overall health of the seagrass in which the clams live. As important as the bacteria are, little was known about their makeup until now. Scientists at Clemson University have recently published a paper indicating that the bacteria are more taxonomically diverse than previously thought.

Scientist creates mutant form of DNA repair protein to better understand its role in preventing cancer

Wednesday October 30, 2019

Clemson University researcher Jennifer Mason is working to understand how DNA strands damaged during replication may play a role in causing cancer, leading to better treatment strategies.

Kevin James named founding director of School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Monday October 21, 2019

Kevin James, who is known for bringing number theory research and education programs to Clemson University, has been named founding director of the new School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences in the College of Science. His appointment will take effect Nov. 1.

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