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Global Engagement

If your undergraduate studies are giving you wanderlust, the College of Science wants to help you find an opportunity that will expand your resume and calm your travel bug.

Whether you’re learning statistics in Ireland, studying dental care in Panama, or conducting biology research in Australia, you can be sure that you’re gaining valuable experience in a subject you’re interested in through the College of Science’s Global Engagement program. Our study abroad opportunities allow you to take courses, perform research, or participate in an internship in a number of countries around the world.

Discover Your Trip

There’s more than one way to study in a foreign country:

    • Faculty-directed programs allow students to perform coursework under the direction of a Clemson faculty member in another country.
    • Through exchange programs, students pay tuition to study abroad for a semester at a Clemson University partner.
    • Via third-party programs, students can identify and build their own unique experiences when coursework is not offered specifically through Clemson.

Getting Started

Studying abroad requires careful planning to ensure that you receive all the credits you need by your anticipated graduation date. For example, you may have to take a foreign language or other prerequisite course in preparation for your trip. Other courses may have to be reordered to free up classes to be taken abroad. The Center for Student Services in the College of Science is here to help you get to your destination. Make an appointment with us at the beginning of your planning process, and we’ll assist you with choosing a program, filling out applications and organizing your schedule.



Adam Hunter
Advising Program Coordinator for Student Services
☏ 864-656-3288