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Faculty and Advisers

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Advising Information

Helping Students Prepare

  • Review the student's degree progress report with the student. In order to select a study abroad program that is academically appropriate, students should be aware of their degree progress at Clemson.
  • Help them identify specifically which courses — major/minor, general education, and electives — they still have to complete. Note that students may meet their general education cross-cultural awareness requirement through an international/study abroad experience. Review the criteria and requirements here.
  • Offer advice regarding any courses that may not or should not be taken abroad (if applicable).
  • Talk to the student about how their study abroad experience might affect their degree progression or change the sequence of required courses.
  • Help the student plan their course schedule for the semester of their return. Students studying abroad in the fall, spring, or full academic year can register from abroad, but it is extremely helpful if they can plan ahead. The need for an advising number is waived for these students.
  • Don't be surprised to get an email from a student who is studying overseas as the Clemson registration period approaches.
  • Students may also need guidance in course selection once they arrive overseas. For a variety of reasons, courses that they initially selected and had approved may not be offered, or they may find that they need to change courses.

Detailed Advising Documents

Building a Program

Clemson University strongly encourages its students to participate in study abroad programs as part of their overall academic experience and program of study. Study abroad serves as a vital part of a student’s academic, professional and personal growth. Faculty members play an essential role in encouraging and advising students to participate in study abroad. Faculty-led programs are a particularly important means of encouraging our students to study abroad and of ensuring the academic quality and integrity of programming. Therefore, we are very pleased that you are interested in leading a Clemson study abroad program.

Program Approval Process

Clemson faculty members who wish to develop and lead a study abroad program (whether credit or non-credit) must complete an approval process through their respective departments, colleges and the Office of Global Engagement (OGE). This process applies to all study abroad programs regardless of their length. Program budgets are handled in the Office of Global Engagement along with other essential components of programming, such as acceptance of applications, pre-departure orientation, obtaining insurance and required release documents. Individual faculty members and departments should not collect monies or payments for program fees.

Please refer to our Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs: Development, Approval, and Implementation Guide for complete details concerning the approval process. Faculty must submit an approval with the signatures of the department chair and college dean. For new and renewal proposals apply here.

Forms and Program Development Information

Who to Contact

If you have questions regarding the development and approval process, or the budgeting for a study abroad program, contact Dr. Uttiyo Raychaudhuri ( or 864-656-1753).