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Clemson University study abroad insurance is provided by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). Enrollment in CISI insurance is mandatory for all students who are participating in a study abroad program. Our insurance policy covers basic medical expenses, medical evacuation, medical reunion, repatriation, and a security evacuation rider.

For a complete description of the schedule of benefits, please review the CISI Coverage Plan brochure.

Students participating in a study abroad program must complete the study abroad insurance enrollment form (PDF version; Word version) and bring the completed form to the Study Abroad Office before departure. The student will be enrolled in Clemson University's study abroad insurance policy at a rate of $39 per month. The study abroad insurance invoice is sent to the student's Clemson email address. Insurance costs are separate from academic fees and will not be listed on the student account. Invoices are to be paid to Clemson University Accounts Receivable, Administrative Services Building, 108 Silas N. Pearman Blvd, Clemson, SC 29634. Payments can be made online or by mail. Students can enroll for up to 1 additional month of coverage if planning to extend time abroad. The enrollment form must be completed prior to departure.