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Students studying abroad are required to have international insurance coverage either through Clemson or through their provider. If a student already uses Clemson’s Student Health Plan as their primary coverage, please contact

Clemson CISI Coverage

These groups of students are required to have the Clemson CISI insurance coverage: exchange students, students applying directly to a foreign university, and students on a non-approved third-party program (see below) or other credit-bearing experience.

The CISI insurance coverage is purchased automatically for students on a faculty-directed or college-coordinated program, and the insurance cost is part of the students’ program fee.

Approved Third-Party Program Coverage

Students participating on approved third-party provider programs who purchase insurance through their third party provider may waive purchase of the Clemson CISI insurance. Students must submit proof of third party insurance coverage as part of their online application.

Approved third party programs are: AIFS, API, Arcadia, CAPA, CEA, CIEE, CIMBA, CIS, Global Semesters, IES, ISA/ELAP, SAI, Semester at Sea, TEAN, and USAC. Students on these third party programs have the option to purchase the Clemson study abroad insurance coverage if desired.

Coverage for Travel

If students are participating in an international service trip, internship, research, etc., insurance is strongly encouraged and in some cases required. Please see our Student Travel page for more information!

CISI Coverage Details

Clemson University’s international insurance is provided by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). The insurance policy covers basic medical expenses, medical evacuation, medical reunion, repatriation, and a security evacuation rider. Students can enroll for up to 1 additional month of coverage if planning to extend time abroad. The enrollment must be completed well prior to departure and proof of insurance submitted via the online application system to the Clemson Study Abroad Office.

CISI Coverage Brochure

Student enrollment directions (PDF version; Word version)

For questions about the coverage and policy, please contact the Office of Risk Management at