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Faculty-Directed Programs

These programs are typically directed by Clemson faculty members who travel abroad with students and are usually (but not always) brief in duration. Faculty-Directed programs can also be called a custom program, which is a study abroad program administered by a provider organization according to specifications of a college, university, consortium or other group.

  • Group: Clemson faculty and students
  • Duration: semester, summer sessions, Maymester, spring/fall break
  • Costs: Clemson in-state tuition and fees, Study Abroad fee, program fees (vary for each program). For more information, see the finance page.
  • Credits: Clemson courses, no transfer necessary (a few exceptions)

Example: Clemson in Europe: Oxford Programme led by Dr. Judson Jahn during summer I. Students choose to enroll in 3-6 credits. The program will include several formal Oxford University receptions, followed by lectures on global issues presented by Oxford University faculty members. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a Certificate of Attendance form Oxford University. Clemson Abroad will invoice each student for the program fee. Tuition and the Clemson University Study Abroad Fee will be added to the student’s Clemson University tuition bill. This particular program example falls within the College of Business.

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs involve reciprocal movement of students between two institutions. This could be a student-to-student exchange, or a specified number of incoming students may be accepted per outgoing student.

  • Group: Individual acceptance, no groups
  • Duration: semesters and full-year
  • Costs: Clemson in-state tuition, exchange fee, study abroad fee, residential costs and fees of host university. For more information, see the finance page.
  • Credits: Host university credits, transfer to Clemson needed

Example: A Clemson student applies through the Clemson Abroad to participate in an exchange at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. Once selected, the Clemson student enrolls at the University of Strathclyde, and Strathclyde sends one of their students to study at Clemson. Students choose courses at the host university as part of their application process. The Clemson student will pay Clemson in-state and fees and the study abroad fee to Clemson, and other costs to the host university. Credits from exchange programs will transfer back to Clemson based on course equivalencies determined by individual Clemson academic departments.

Third-Party Programs

Third-party programs are run by other universities and various study abroad organizations to further expand student opportunities abroad. Students will receive credit for courses taken abroad and will pay tuition and fees directly to the third-party organization.

  • Group: Individual acceptance, no groups
  • Duration: Full-year, semester, summer sessions
  • Costs: Clemson Study Abroad fee, tuition and program fees paid to program.
  • Credits: Host university/provider credits, transfer to CU needed

Example: University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) in San Ramon, Costa Rica. Students will enroll in 12-15 credits for the semester and will have opportunities to include an internship and/or volunteer opportunities to their experience. USAC will coordinate on-site orientation, student housing, 24/7 on-site support and excursions/field experiences for students. Students pay USAC directly for their tuition and fees. Credits from USAC will transfer back to Clemson based on course equivalencies determined by individual Clemson academic departments.