Board of Visitors

Message from the Board of Visitors, Chair 2013-14


I am Sam Dozier, current chair of the Board of Visitors. I am a 1988 graduate (BS, Mechanical Engineering). My wife, Carol (1989 M. Ed., Guidance & Counseling), and I have two children, both currently students at Clemson (Kathryn is a senior majoring in Health Science and Sam is a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering). We are supporters of the Will to Lead campaign, members of the Legacy Society, and members of IPTAY. Needless to say, we are “ALL IN”!

The Clemson University Board of Visitors is charged with being goodwill ambassadors of Clemson University. We attend periodic on-campus meetings to learn about the university and to give feedback to the administration from our respective communities. These meetings enable board members to get detailed and accurate information about the university and its numerous points of contact with the citizens of South Carolina, the nation and the world.  As ambassadors, we are called to share this information about the university with our families, friends, colleagues and the public in hopes they will better understand the role that Clemson plays in educating students, research and driving economic development.

The board consists of approximately sixty members who are alumni or supporters of Clemson University. Each member is nominated by a member of the Board of Trustees and appointed by the President of the university for a three year term of service. Each member serves on one of four standing committees - Marketing, Legislative, Student Affairs and the Past Chairs. The latter includes ex-officio members who are past chairs of the board and willing to lend guidance and support to the current B.O.V. Executive Committee.

The Marketing Committee serves the university by hosting receptions for accepted students in various locations around South Carolina and in neighboring states. These receptions are coordinated with the Alumni Association and local Clemson Club and give high school seniors a look at what it means to be a part of the Clemson family. They are being recruited for their academic achievements and we want them to know Clemson is a special place.

The Legislative Committee serves the university by establishing relationships with legislators in Columbia and Washington to encourage support for the goals of the university. The contact may be in the form of meetings, phone calls or e-mail communication, but efforts are made to reinforce the return on the investment that they get from investing in Clemson. The legislative advocates are not exclusive to the board, but range far and wide to include many people from various locations and professions.

The Student Affairs Committee serves the university by providing advice and assistance to the Division of Student Affairs. The health, safety and welfare of students remain the priority of the university and this committee provides feedback from parents and the public to the Division of Student Affairs concerning those efforts.

A fringe benefit of serving on the board is the opportunity to meet some of the finest young people in our nation. Clemson students continue to amaze us with their enthusiasm, leadership and character. It is encouraging to think about the future of our state and region with these future leaders at the helm. When you have the time to sit and talk with them, we are sure you too will be impressed. They are the reason that Clemson is making noise as a higher seminary of learning and gaining on being a “Top 20 Public Institution.”

Clemson is a special place and as ambassadors, we are called to tell the story that is Clemson. We are called to tell it to our families, our friends, our legislators, our students and to our communities. Clemson is a story that keeps growing and we are honored to be a part of that story and telling it to the world.

Go Tigers!


Samuel L. Dozier
Board of Visitors Chairman 2013-2014
Class of 1988