President's Commission on the Status of Women

A Retrospective 2000-2001

Women's Commission Roster

Brenda Vander Mey,Chair
Judy Melton, Deputy Chair
Cathy Sams, ex officio
Doreen Heimlich, Administrative Assistant
Frankie Felder
Peg Tyler
Myra Cato
Mervet Behery
Jerry Knighton
Fran McGuire
Pat Smart
Serita Acker
Valerie Ramsey
Giles Singleton

Outstanding Women Awards

2001 winners:

Faculty: Martine LaBerge, Professor of Bioengineering
Staff: Altheia Lesley Richardson, Director, Multicultural Affairs
Graduate Student: Brett Lamb, English
Undergraduate Student: Brittania Jennings, Microbiology and Molecular Medicine

Sexual Harassment and Workplace Studies

Presented Sexual Harassment and "Chilly Climate" reports on campus.
Conducted an analysis of policies and procedures relating to equity, sexual harassment, and campus climate.

Campus Safety

Moderated a panel discussion on Campus Safety.


Contributed $1,000 toward bringing guest speaker Dr. Jane Goodall to campus.
Sent seven representatives to the South Carolina Women in Higher Education Conference.
Sponsored a forum on sexual harassment, with guest speaker Lynette Barnes, supervisory trial attorney at the EEOC.

Convergence Meeting

Organized and hosted a meeting of various campus-wide constituencies in an effort to pool resources and energy for the betterment of faculty and staff.