President's Commission on the Status of Women

A Retrospective 2001-2002

Women's Commission Roster

Brenda Vander Mey, Chair
Judy Melton, Deputy Chair
Valerie Ramsey
Sydney Cross
Cathy Sams, ex officio
Cathy Bell
Bea Bailey
Lucy Rollin
Ann Lee McPhail
Mike Coggeshall
Elaine Richardson
Robbie Nicholson
Pat Smart
Jerry Knighton
Serita Acker

Outstanding Women Awards

2002 winners:

Faculty: Patricia A. Zungoli, Prof. of Entomology
Staff: Eartha L. White, Graduate School Office
Graduate Student: Tatyana Sergeyevna Vshivkova, Entomology
Undergraduate Student: Megan McGuirt, Health Science

Spousal Hiring Policy

Lobbied for a uniform spousal hiring policy and job search assistance for spouses of potential faculty hires.

Supporting the Arts and Diversity

Contributed $1000 to the 2002 Women's Arts Festival.
Contributed $500 to One World, a campus organization for diversity, which campaigns against hate, prejudice, and oppression.

Workplace Gender Equity

Reported preliminary findings from the "Chilly Climate" survey, which surveyed 44 major universities on the quality of their workplace climates regarding women.