President's Commission on the Status of Women

A Retrospective 2002-2003

Women's Commission Roster

Judy Melton, Chair
Valerie Ramsey, Deputy Chair
Sydney Cross
Cathy Sams, ex officio
Doreen Heimlich, Admin. Assistant
Cathy Bell
Bea Bailey
Mike Coggeshall
Elaine Richardson
John Morse
Robbie Nicholson
Myra Cato
Ann Lee McPhail

Outstanding Women Awards

2003 winners:

Faculty: Karen J.L. Burg, Professor of Bioengineering
Staff: Helena C. Douglas, Executive Director, Office of Off-Campus, Distance,
and Continuing Education
Graduate Student: Maria Anderson Whitehead, Forest Resources
Undergraduate Student: Marija Zoric, Economics

Gender Employment Equity

Met with the Athletic Department to discuss concerns about gender inequity, which came to light as a result of a campus-wide NCAA study.

Clemson University as a Work Place

Concluded the Workplace Climate Policies and Resources Study.

Hosted Bernice Sandler

Forum by a nationally known expert on women's issues.

Supported the Relay for Life in April 2003.

Helped raise money and awareness