President's Commission on the Status of Women

A Retrospective 2004-2005

Women's Commission Roster

Dr. Valerie Ramsey, Chair
Ms. Sydney Cross, Deputy Chair
Dr. Judy Melton, ex officio
Ms. Cathy Sams, ex officio
Dr. Brenda Vander Mey, ex officio
Ms. Lillian Harder
Dr. Elaine Richardson
Dr. Mike Coggeshall
Ms. Robbie Nicholson
Ms. Julia McBride
Ms. Chris Sober
Ms. Susan Pope
Ms. Linda Crew
Dr. Catherine Mobley
Ms. Linda Law

Hosted High Profile Female Speakers

Dr. Caroline Whitson, President of Columbia College, Columbia, SC
Molly Mitchell Spearman, SC Department of Education, Columbia, SC

Outstanding Women Awards Continue
2005 winners:

Faculty: Dr. Elisa Sparks, Associate Professor of English and Director of Women's Studies Program
Staff: Serita Acker, Coordinator of the Women in Science and Engineering Program (WISE)
Distinguished Contributor: Almeda Jacks, Vice President for Student Affairs
Graduate Student: Renee Keydoszius, Plant and Environmental Science
Undergraduate Student: Stephanie Hequembourg, Mechanical Engineering

First Women for Wellness Health Fair

Hosted major community event with seminars and displays on women's health issues and preventative care.

Thea McCrary Student Award for Outstanding Service

First recipient is chosen and awarded on March 18, 2005.

A Decade in Retrospect

Developed history of Women's Commission accomplishments.

Benefits Fair

Distributed mission statement and goals and gathered input from the campus community.

Women and the Sacred

Contributed financially to a series of lectures on Women and the Sacred, presented by the Clemson Campus Ministry.

Celebration of 10th Anniversary of the President's Commission on Women

Received funding from President Barker for a new logo, banner, T-shirts, and letterhead in celebration of our milestone.