President's Commission on the Status of Women

A Retrospective 2006-2007

Women's Commission Roster

Dr. Sydney Cross, Chair
Dr. Rachel Mayo, Deputy Chair
Dr. Judy Melton, ex officio
Dr. Brenda Vander Mey, ex officio
Dr. Karen Kemper
Ms. Robbie Nicholson
Ms. Susan Pope
Ms. Beth Jarrard
Dr. Catherine Mobley
Dr. Megan Shockley-Taylor
Ms. Helena Douglas
Ms. Kathy Woodard
Dr. Nancy Porter
Ms. Wendy Howard
Dr. Kathy Headley
Dr. Elisa K. Sparks

Hosted High Profile Female Speakers

Civil Engagement: Leadership and Service featuring:

Carol Burdette, Mayor of Pendleton, Lee D’Andrea, Pickens County Superintendent, Gracie Floyd, Anderson County Council, and Deb Sofield, Greenville City Council discussing how individuals get involved and contribute to local and/or regional agencies and organizations to make a difference.

women leadership speakers  

Outstanding Women Awards 2007 winners:

Faculty: Dr. Patricia Layton, Forestry and Natural Resources
Staff: Martha Bridges, HR Manger College of Engineering and Science
Distinguished Contributor: Dr. R.C. Edwards, Past President of Clemson University
Graduate Student: Rupal Shah, Microbiology
Undergraduate Student: Cindy Burke, Communication Studies

Thea McCrary Student Award for Outstanding Service

Helen Kirkland, Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

South Carolina Women in Higher Education

Formed a subcommittee to organize and facilitate the SCWHE annual conference to be held at Clemson University in February 2008.

Women's Commission Faculty Survey

Women's Commission added their survey questions to Institutional Research's faculty survey addressing constituencies and issues affecting women on campus.  A staff survey is to follow.

Benefits Fair

Distributed mission statement and goals and gathered input from the campus community.