President's Commission on the Status of Women

A Retrospective 1998-1999

Women's Commission Roster

Thea McCrary, Chair
Mervet Behery
Myra Cato
Laurie Crino
Judy Melton
Brenda Vander Mey
Linda White
Cathy Sams, ex officio
Budd Bodine
Frankie Felder
Dori Helms
Fran McGuire
Elham Makram
Jeanine Ward-Roof

Outstanding Women Awards

1999 winners:

Faculty: Lolly Tai, Prof. of Planning and Landscape Architecture
Staff: Valerie R. Ramsey, Fiscal Analyst III, College of HEHD
Graduate Student: Sheri Beth Wimberley, History
Undergraduate Student: Kendra Worley, Speech and Communication

Women in Leadership

Formed the Women in Leadership committee to develop guidelines for a program to prepare women faculty for leadership positions.

Staff Mentoring Program

Initiated a Mentoring Program for staff, which received an award from the State of South Carolina.

South Carolina Women in Higher Education

Hosted the yearly conference at the Madren Center.

Women's Commission Web Site

Developed a website to share information about the mission, goals, and activities of the Women's Commission.

Funding for Women's Studies

Assisted in lobbying efforts which resulted in a permanent budget of $10,000 for the Women's Studies Program.

Sexual Harassment Survey

Completed a comprehensive Sexual Harassment Survey and posted the results on the Women's Commission website.