President's Commission on the Status of Women

A Retrospective 1999-2000

Women's Commission Roster

Brenda Vander Mey, Chair
Judy Melton, Deputy Chair
Frankie Felder
Thea McCrary
Fran McGuire
Elham Makram,
Pat Smart
Cathy Sams, ex officio
Jeanine Ward-Roof
Myra Cato
Mervet Behery
Jerry Knighton
Valerie Ramsey
Elizabeth Dale

Outstanding Women Awards

2000 winners:

Faculty: Sydney Cross, Professor of Art, College of AAH
Staff: Cathy Toth Sturkie, Faculty Senate
Distinguished Contributor: Doris R. Helms, Professor, Biology Instruction and Agricultural Education
Undergraduate Student: Rita K. Bolt, Speech & Communication, and Political Science
No Graduate Student nominations submitted in 2000.

Uniform Hiring Practice

Worked with the administration to institute a full-fledged search for a Head Coach for the Women's Track Team.
Composed a "Draft Statement Regarding Hiring Procedures."

Salary Equity Study

Collaborated with campus-wide constituencies such as the Faculty Senate, Extension Service, and Black Faculty and Staff Commission on a salary equity study.

South Carolina Women in Higher Education Conference

Presented the results of the Sexual Harassment Survey at the South Carolina Women in Higher Education conference.
Conducted a workshop at the conference on Women's Body Image.

Campus Safety

Performed a Campus Safety Self-audit with the help of students.


Conducted a study on Workplace Violence.
Contributed financially to satellite conferences on "Shaping a National Agenda for Women in Higher Education."