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parents imageParents play an important part in the Clemson Family. You are part of your student's success, and we know you are committed to giving your Tiger – and every other Tiger, for that matter – the very best college experience possible. You can do that by supporting the programs and services of Student Affairs. The Parents' Fund is a way for parents to directly influence the programs and services associated with out-of-the-classroom learning for all students.

Stay informed and get active in what's happening on campus by joining the Parents' Council. Since 1990, our Parents' Council has been serving parents as a one-stop connection to the University. The Council offers events and activities to welcome parents when visiting their students and it provides volunteer opportunities to spread the message of Clemson University. Membership is free and includes special communications regarding timely Clemson University information. Parents of freshmen enrolling in Clemson in fall 2008 and after are automatically enrolled. If you are a parent of a student who enrolled prior to fall 2008, sign up today by calling the Dean of Students' Office at (864) 656-0935.

Parents' Council