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Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program

Accelerated Second Degree
Nursing Program

Accelerated Second Degree

Nursing Program

Applications Now Being Accepted

Applications are now being accepted through December 1st for Fall 2019
ALL documentation must be submitted in full by the December 1st deadline or your file will not be reviewed.
Questions? Cynthia Mihalchick

Clemson University School of NursingThe Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program is designed for individuals who have already earned a bachelor's degree from a regionally or nationally accredited college or university.

  • New student cohorts will begin this program each fall semester. Each cohort will be comprised of up to 32 students.
  • The 16-month program consists of four, full-time consecutive semesters (fall, spring, summer and fall) and will lead to a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.
  • All prerequisite courses must be successfully completed prior to the start of classes.

Clemson University Accelerated Second Degree (ASD) Nursing Program

The ASD Nursing Program is designed for individuals who have previously earned a Bachelor's degree from a regionally or nationally accredited college or university. This is an intense full-time program of study, including rigorous clinical experiences. All classes and clinical experiences associated with this program are based out of the Greenville, SC and surrounding area hospital systems.

Requirements for Admission to the Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program:

  • Bachelor's Degree from a regionally or nationally accredited college or university
  • Prerequisite courses must be completed prior to beginning the program, not prior to submitting application
  • Cumulative or last 60 hours GPA of at least 3.0

Curriculum Plan

Fall - Hours 16 (13,9)
NURS 3100 Health Assessment 3 (2,3) (2 Lecture Hours, 3 Lab Hours)
NURS 3040 Pathophysiology for Health Care Professionals 3 (3,0)
NURS 3400 Pharmacotherapeutic Nursing Interventions 3 (3,0)
NURS 3120 Medical-Surgical I 4 (2,6)
NURS 3200 Professionalism in Nursing 3 (3,0)

Spring – Hours 15 (11,12)
NURS (HCG) 3330 Healthcare Genetics 3 (3,0)
NURS 3030 Medical-Surgical II 7 (3,12)
NURS 3050 Psychosocial Nursing 3 (3,0)
NURS 3230 Gerontology Nursing 2 (2,0)

Summer -Hours 15 (9,18)
NURS 4010 Mental Health Nursing 5 (3,6)
NURS 4110 Nursing Care of Children 5 (3,6)
NURS 4120 Nursing Care of Women and Their Families 5 (3,6)

Fall – Hours 16 (9,21)
NURS 4030 Medical-Surgical III 5 (3,6)
NURS 4140 Community Health 5 (3,6)
NURS 4100 Leadership Management 6 (3,9)

ASD students are considered full time students and are in the program for 4 semesters. Clemson University Tuition and fees can be found here.

Steps for Application Review to be sent to Clemson School of Nursing

You must send this information to the School of Nursing IN ADDITION to applying to Clemson University.

  • Complete Selection Process Form found here
  • Documentation must be sent to The School of Nursing at:
    • Documents can be sent in the same email but should be labeled individually as follows:Last name, First name, Transcript 
      • Last name, First Name, Prereq listingLast
      • Last Name, First Name, Essay
      • Last Name, First Name, Resume
      • Last Name, First Name, Letter of Recommendation

If ALL documentation is not submitted in full to The School of Nursing as listed above by the December 1st deadline, your file will not be reviewed

  • Copy of all official transcripts
  • Completed prerequisite listing here
    • Access Clemson tcel found here to complete this form. 
      • While working with Clemson’s Transcript Equivalency Listing (TCEL) you may find that an institution you attended or course you have previously taken is not listed.  In cases where an institution is not listed, you must ensure with Admissions that the institution will be approved for transfer.  In cases where a course you have taken is not listed in TCEL, you must obtain course syllabi from your previous institution(s) and forward them to the proper Clemson University department on campus using this advising list.  If the department approves the course you must include a copy of that department’s email confirming that the course can be used to meet the prerequisite with the documentation submitted to (label doc as: Last name, First Name, Course Approval)
      • Upon completion of your prerequisite review, return the completed form with your application materials as instructed on the website when the application is active.  Include a copy of the transcript(s) used for your review.  The School of Nursing can use an unofficial transcript copy, however Admissions must have an official copy with your application.  Also include a printout from TCEL showing how each course transfers in.
  • One-page essay explaining why you are pursuing Nursing and why you feel you would be a successful student in this rigorous program.
  • Resume no more than two pages in length.
  • Letter of recommendation here

Steps for Application Review to be sent to Clemson University Admissions for students NEW to Clemson University

  • Students new to Clemson University must formally apply to Clemson University through Admissions as a Transfer Student here

If your application with Admissions is incomplete, your file at the School of Nursing will not be reviewed

Steps for Application Review to be sent to The School of Nursing for former or current Clemson University students

  • Current/former CU students will NOT apply through Admissions as there will be a separate process to follow only if notified by The School of Nursing of program acceptance. Former Clemson Students will simply follow the directions above to send information to The School of Nursing but do not appy as a Transfer student to Admission.

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