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IMPORTANT NEWS - LEGACY Mail Server ( Is Being Decommissioned Spring-Summer 2014

This information is about the original, LEGACY mail server, also known as  Squirrel Mail or Clemson web mail or or  For Outlook/Exchange users, this will NOT affect your use of  

While has served Clemson for decades it is time to retire this venerable service.  We will be saying goodbye to mail.clemson this summer (2014) and decommissioning it.

Prior to saying goodbye, CCIT support will take steps to reach out to ALL users to answer questions, lessen the impact, and assist them with the conversion.  Every user will be contacted according to the following schedule:

  • Feb-Mar 2014 - Exchange users who also use
  • Feb-Mar 2014 - users who also use
  • Mar-Apr 2014 - Remaining users
  • Apr 2014 - Departmental accounts

If there are changes in this schedule, CCIT will communicate that separately to update the affected users and their local computer support consultants.  

Please view the email decommission FAQ for more information.