Imaging and PC Management

CRLT's Imaging and PC Management Group provides tools and services for the University’s IT Support Staff to centrally manage their computing environment.  IPCM leverages new technology, like Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, to automate and standardize support.  IPCM’s goal is automate time consuming tasks such as installing operating Systems, distributing software, and updating software.  This creates a more stable environment and allows the IT staff to focus on the user’s needs. 

IPCM Services:

Operating System Deployment:  IPCM provides a standard set of Windows OS images which can easily be deployed to any computer.  IT staff can also create and deploy custom images. They can also customize a standard image on the fly by simply selecting the features and software they would like added to the OS.

Software Distribution:  This allows Support staff to remotely deploy software to user’s machines without ever watching a progress bar.  They can target one user or entire departments. They can also deploy software instantly or during a maintenance window to avoid any downtime for users.

Software Update Management:  Windows updates, third party software, hardware drivers, and BIOS updates can automatically be deployed.  This ensures users' computers are always up to date.

Remote Support: With the user’s permission, IT Support Staff can remotely connect to the user's machine, view the screen, and chat.  If the users allows, the staff member can control the keyboard and mouse to show them how to fix a problem.

Coming Soon:

Power Management

User State Migration

Asset Management

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