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COVID-19 Grading Policy

Holtzendorff Hall Clemson University

CECAS Spring 2020 Grading Policy FAQ

As a result of COVID-19, grading policies have been modified for the spring semester. The University has provided answers to frequently asked questions on the COVID-19 Grading Policy Guidance site. In addition, below are questions and answers specific to CECAS.

How will this impact my ability to declare an engineering major?

Minimum GPA requirements to declare Bioengineering, Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering majors will be enforced. These majors will only be accepting students without a Clemson GPA on a case by case basis. For other engineering majors, students will need to either meet the minimum GPA and eGPA requirements or if they have no GPA, have made all SCP grades in Spring 2020.

In addition to the GPA requirements, students must make a C or better or SCP in all of the required General Engineering core courses (CH1010, ENGL 1030, ENGR 1020, ENGR 1410, MATH 1060 or MATH 1070, PHYS 1220) and other courses required by the department before changing their major to a degree-granting engineering major.  

How will this impact my ability to change into general engineering, computer science, or computer information systems?

General Engineering, Computer Science, and Computer Information Systems require a minimum 2.0 GPA to enter the major. The minimum GPA will still be enforced for students who have a GPA. If they have not earned a GPA at Clemson, students will only be eligible to change into General Engineering, Computer Science, or Computer Information Systems if they made all SCP grades in Spring 2020.

General Engineering also requires specific coursework to be completed with a C or higher. General Engineering will accept a C or higher letter grade or SPC for the following courses: MATH 1060 or MATH 1070, CH 1010, and ENGR 1020.

How will SCP/SCD/SCN grades impact my eGPA?

Any course converted to a SCP, SCD, or SCN grade will have no impact on your engineering or eGPA.

How will this impact candidates for graduation?

In addition to the University requirement for a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, Engineering majors are required to have a minimum 2.0 engineering GPA (or eGPA) to graduate.

If you meet the minimum 2.0 eGPA after the Fall 2019 term and you choose to convert all Spring 2020 letter grades to SCP, SCD, and SCN it will not impact your eGPA and you will remain eligible to graduate based on your Fall 2019 eGPA. In addition to meeting the eGPA and GPA requirements to graduate, you must successfully complete any courses required for your degree. A grade of SCP will suffice for courses requiring a minimum grade of a C or higher. SCD will suffice for courses requiring a minimum grade of D or higher. If you decide to convert any grades to SCN make sure you have enough total credits to complete your degree. Remember SCN classes do not count toward credit hours or degree requirements.

If you do not meet the minimum 2.0 eGPA to graduate after Fall 2019 you will need to take letter grades for any courses that would increase your eGPA to 2.0 or greater.

Who can I contact if I don’t see an answer to my question listed here?

If you still have questions after reviewing this page and the COVID-19 Grading Policy Guidance reach out to your advisor. They may not be able to answer all your questions but can direct you to the correct resource.


Student Services Team

CECAS Departmental Student Services Team is here to help answer questions you may have about the spring and summer semesters.

CU Grading Policy

As a result of COVID-19, some modifications for Spring 2020 are in effect.