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Beyond the Classroom

Go Beyond

The skills needed for the future go beyond what is learned in the classroom. It's about developing ideas, problem-solving, communicating, and working with a diverse group of individuals and talents. Whether you want to work with engineering simulations in a creative inquiry project, participate in app development in the DEN (Design and Entrepreneurship Network), or join a professional development organization, there are many opportunities to get involved.

  • peer-wise students at event

    Pairing underrepresented students and women with upperclassmen who serve as mentors and guides during the transition to college life.

  • international festival

    Providing diverse co-curricular programming and opportunities through educational and celebratory events and activities.

  • faculty

    Challenging students to excel by offering specialized courses and innovative learning experiences.

  • Clemson SAE participants

    Broaden horizons by joining clubs, professional societies, and other organizations.

  • creative inquiry 3d model

    Combination of engaged learning and undergraduate research, unique to Clemson.

  • den creative design event

    Providing a platform where students and their ideas come to grow.