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Academic Advising

Meet the Advising Team

All new engineering students are assigned to a professional academic advisor in our Advising Center. These caring individuals will work individually with students to develop academic, personal, and career goals.

In addition to helping select classes each term, students can schedule an appointment with an advisor throughout the year. Topics include such things as how to get involved, study abroad options, and any difficulties in class.

Academic advising is an integral part of the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences' (CECAS) commitment to help students meet their academic and personal goals. A team of professional staff advisors works with first-year students in General Engineering to ensure that they are in the correct major and are making satisfactory academic progress.

Top 10 Reasons to Meet with an Academic Advisor

  1. Declare or change your major
  2. Discuss academic difficulties
  3. Discuss changing your schedule (i.e., adding or dropping courses)
  4. Discuss personal issues that affect academic performance
  5. Find out where to go for specific services or resources
  6. Gather information about potential majors and to discuss career goals
  7. Get help with study skills, time management and/or test-taking strategies
  8. Select courses and plan for future semesters
  9. Talk with a supportive listener who can help make the transition to college easier
  10. Track your academic progress

Advisors work closely with the faculty in engineering, math, and chemistry to help students develop skills crucial for success. They also offer assistance with time management, study skills, learning styles and various ways to prepare for exams. Advisors maintain regular contact with students via email and other electronic forms of communication to ensure students are well informed of deadlines, curriculum changes, and departmental policies.

Academic advising is an ongoing educational process that connects the student to the University. Academic advising supports the institution-wide mission of preparing the student for learning beyond the confines of the academy. Clemson University values quality academic advising, understanding that valuable advising is not limited to registration or course selection, but also provides information and directs students to resources that enable sound career and personal choices. General Engineering advising is a core component of this mission and vision.