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The center has successfully positioned itself as an entity that offers value to those with whom it owrks by seeking groups and individuals with potentential design needs that embrace creativity, target sustainability, and prescribe to critical thinking.  From pedestiran-bike initiatives, greenways and trail systems to organic farming, local food, and sustainable tailgating, the CR+DC established itself as one interested in how communities work well and how businesses thrive while addressing sustainable practices and meaningful applied design.  It prides itself on a willingness to share without restriction, its ideas, energy, and insights.  Its diverse background in professional creative practice allows the CR+DC to participate in key discussions that address issues in architecture, planning, development, construction, landscape, events, community communication, sustainability, team building, natural resource management, and education.  Student teams are led in a manner to always maintain a firm grasp on the root problem and to understand the community needs associated with such while learning what it means to provide poignant deliverables.  With student desgn teams installed on the front line of engagement, the CR+DC maintains its simple but effective objective to involve students at every level of a project's process ensuring a positive and valued experience for all.


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