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Meet the Tutors

Maddy Bauer

My name is Maddy Bauer, and I am a Political Science and English double major. I’ve always enjoyed writing and came across the opportunity to work in the Writing Center in the fall of my freshman year. Ever since then, I’ve been working as a tutor. I’ve actually been considering a career in editing or publishing, or even writing, so this experience is preparing me for multiple possibilities in the future. I suppose I could say the results of my numerous BuzzFeed quizzes that supposedly tell me what character from Friends I’m most like or what my favorite foods reveal about my personality, but the fact that I spend a lot of time taking those quizzes probably says a lot anyway.

Allison Daniel

My name is Allison Daniel. I am a senior English major. I joined the Writing Center in the fall of my junior year because writing is a passion of mine and I wanted to help other students see that anyone can become a good writer with the right tools and a little guidance. Writing is important to me because I was a shy kid, so writing was largely how I expressed myself to those around me. In addition to working at the Writing Center, I also intern at the Pearce Center for Professional Communication where we work on several client-based projects in the Clemson community. I also am the Sports Editor at Clemson’s student newspaper, The Tiger. I hope to see you all in the Writing Center soon! If I were a donut I would definitely be a chocolate donut with sprinkles because there is no other type of donut worth eating.

Laura DiGiacomo

Hello! My name is Laura DiGiacomo, and I am a sophomore Environmental Engineering major from Charleston, South Carolina. Some facts about me are that I love animals, traveling, gardening, and the color yellow. I have absolutely loved being a part of the Writing Center since I started in the fall of 2017, and like many of the other Writing Fellows, writing and reading have always played a significant role in the ways in which I express myself, both individually and academically. However, my personal enjoyment of and identification with these activities is not the only reason I find working at the Writing Center to be so rewarding. With the time that I spend here, I only increasingly see the importance of the Writing Center's function of providing a student-centered, collaborative environment in which students may lead conversations about their own ideas and approaches to communication. Communication is always fundamentally a conversation, no matter the medium through which it takes place, and I always leave the Writing Center feeling as though I have engaged in enriching, exciting, and constructive conversations — ones that have benefited both myself and those who I have them with. I hope that you take the opportunity to drop by sometime and that the Writing Center provides as exciting and empowering of a place for you as I know it has for all of us!

Meredith Ellis

Hi! My name is Meredith Ellis and I have been working at the Writing Center for three years. I have always been captivated by business writing — especially the art of resumes and cover letters. By joining the Writing Center crew, I am able to develop and grow my knowledge of these styles while sharing what I know with students. My favorite part about the Writing Center is the chocolate stash in the corner; I always steal a Kit-Kat when I start my shift. I’m looking forward to graduating in May 2018, after which I will continue my journey in New York City while working at J.P. Morgan.

Arianna Grevious

My name is Arianna Grevious and I am a senior communication major with a minor in creative writing. After encouragement from one of my professors, I joined the writing center because it has been an incredible resource to me as an undergraduate and I wanted to pass along the confidence previous tutors inspired in me to other developing writers. My favorite aspect of the written word is the stories it allows people to tell. From great literature to comic books, stories expose aspects of humanity and perspectives that may otherwise go unexplored. The writing center enables students to put their ideas to paper by strengthening their ability articulate and express their point of view.

Claire Harvin

My name is Claire Harvin, and I am a junior Communication major with a minor in Brand Communication. This past fall was my first semester working in the Writing Center, and I have enjoyed being able to help others in an area I am so passionate about. Personally, I have grown from working with others in so many majors and disciplines, which has helped me to expand my own knowledge and writing abilities. On the other hand, I have loved helping others to express their thoughts and opinions, communicate effectively and develop their knowledge of the writing process, a valuable asset in any future career path. Currently, I am also an Intern for the Pearce Center for Professional Communications and a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and the Calhoun Honors College. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hanging out with friends and family, and spending time with my niece and nephew. I am excited to continue challenging myself and help others with their writing this semester.

Christopher Heijjer

Hello, my name is Christopher Heijjer, and I am a senior biological sciences major with a minor in chemistry. I joined the writing center in Fall 2016 as a way to learn more about the writing process and to help others develop and appreciate their own writing. My love for writing has given me the opportunity to explore different topics within science and technology. Currently, I am conducting research on sexual selection in a species of fish called sailfin mollies. Additionally, I have contributed to Clemson’s science magazine, Tigra Scientifica. Writing well is an asset in any career path, and I hope to help all those who come to visit the writing center.

Selene Hess

My name is Selene Hess and I am a senior microbiology major with a genetics and chemistry minor. I joined the writing center last year because I love helping people in all disciplines achieve confidence in their writing. I also love finding missing commas and grammatical mistakes (It’s almost like a scavenger hunt!). Writing well is important to me because it is an essential mode of communication between parties. You can communicate so many things through writing, from how to change a tire to fantastical people, places, and things. When you are trying to communicate to a grad admissions officer why their program should accept you or to a HR hiring manager why they should give you a job, writing well is especially important. I worked in the writing center at my high school on a volunteer basis. I also am currently working on a research project in microbiology that hopes to publish in a scientific journal soon and worked on an extensive research paper two summers ago at an internship in California. If I was sorted into a Hogwarts house, I would be sorted into Hufflepuff. I believe in hard work and dedication and am very loyal to all my friends and family. Also, I’m pretty good at finding things.

Jenny Horton

Hi there! My name is Jenny Horton, and I’m a junior English major with a minor in Communication. I started working at the Writing Center in Fall 2017, and since then I’ve really enjoyed helping Clemson students with their writing and learning more about my own writing in the process. One of my favorite things about my job is that I get to read so many different types of writing—from thesis proposals to creative writing and, yes, even lab reports! Reading and writing are two of my favorite things to do, and it’s so exciting to get to share these interests of mine with my peers. I think my love of reading started in kindergarten when I read the Junie B. Jones series. Now I mostly read classics, though I’m a fan of new bestsellers too. According to the BuzzFeed quiz "What book genre are you?" I would be a fantasy/adventure!

Tara Lenertz

Greetings! My name is Tara Jo Lenertz, and I’m an English major with a literature emphasis and a minor in film studies. I love books, film, and writing, so I can safely say I’m living the dream. Being a student is so awesome. I feel like I’m getting away with something, so please don’t blow my cover. I joined The Writing Center because I believe the written word is both beautiful and powerful. Composing words effectively is a skill that requires practice and dedication, and I hope to help empower my peers with the confidence they need to communicate their thoughts and ideas. I also look forward to all of the wonderful things I will learn from them while we collaborate. When writers help each other, nothing can hold them back. On a side note, Raymond Carver’s short stories move and inspire me. Finally, in a battle between Batman and The Punisher, I would definitely put my money on Frank Castle.

Kalee Lineberger

My name is Kalee Lineberger, and I am a senior English major. I also have two minors in business and music. I joined the Writing Center this fall because I know from experience that there is always something new to learn about writing. It is an ever-evolving skill, and I am happy to show others what I have learned while others teach me as well. Writing is not only a skill but an art. Words can flow on a page like a brush stroke on a canvas or a theme and its variations in a concert hall. To me, the Writing Center presents a way to do one of my favorite things—to write—while connecting with and learning from people whose interests and experiences span a multitude of subjects, all of which can be represented by writing. Outside of the Writing Center, I live with my cat, reading for school and planning to read for a living in proper English nerd fashion. I also attempt to create new recipes and write about them on my food blog, The LiterEATe Foodie. Check it out for food, words, and a picture or two of the aforementioned cat.

Laura Mackay

My name is Laura Mackay, and I’m a senior English major with a literature emphasis and a music minor. I joined the Writing Center because I believe in the power of writing and wanted to help others along the way. Clear and effective communication, combined with the beauty of the written word, is an art that needs to be cultivated. During my time at Clemson, I've worked as a copy editor, a government intern, and a flutist for various university ensembles, and I'm headed to law school after I graduate in May. Bonus fact: I have a mustache kitten and will share her Instagram upon request!

Killian McDonald

My name is Killian McDonald, and I am a junior Political Science and Women’s Leadership double major. I joined the writing center this past fall because I love writing and want to share the writing experience with other Clemson students. It is also a great opportunity to help students become passionate writers and meet new people. Outside of the writing center, I do CI research on women and poverty in South Carolina and on the effects of religious expression in public schools. I am also researching/writing an honors thesis about women in government. I spent the past summer in DC at a lobbying firm and was able to attend the White House Summit on the United State of Women and the DNC. According to BuzzFeed quiz “what type of bread are you” I am a bagel. Super excited for all you cool cats to visit.

Nick Nybo

My name is Nick Nybo, and I am a junior economics major with a minor in writing. I joined the writing center as a fervent sophomore, eager to improve not only other students' writing, but also my own writing in the process. Currently I am working on a creative inquiry that investigates how economic productivity in South Carolina was affected by prohibition, and will be working at a law firm this summer in my hometown of Charleston, SC. If I were a donut, I would be munchkins because there is strength in numbers.

Tyler Rodgers

My name is Tyler Rodgers and I am a senior architecture major. I joined the writing center last fall because I was looking for an opportunity to learn how to strengthen my own writing and to read the work of other Clemson students. I enjoy writing in part because I believe that the ability to communicate clearly is one of the most valuable skills that a person can have, and that it is important to understand how to adapt a message for any audience. Outside of the writing center, I also enjoy building tiny houses, and I just returned from a semester in Italy. Finally, if I had a choice between being a pirate or a ninja, I would of course choose ninja.

Hannah Welsh

Hello. My name is Hannah Welsh, and I am a biochemistry major, philosophy minor (what I’m going to end up doing with that is anyone’s guess). I started being involved with the Writing Center sophomore year, and I’ve never had a job I’ve liked more. I’ve been a wordsmith since my family moved to Summerville when I was in fifth grade, and I started keeping a journal full of words I don’t know in order to compensate for my inherent lack of coping abilities. Fast forward several years into the future, and I’m still running from my issues, leaving breadcrumb trails of sentences and paragraphs to mark my trail. If you want to know more about me, I’m very, very scared of whales and I am an emotionally over-committed fan of music, and either one of those is a great conversation starter. If you want to know even more about me, know that I think you should utilize the heck out of the Writing Center, for everything and anything you write. Think of writing as your religion, and the Writing Center as your church (except don’t do that, that’s probably too far).  Anyway, know that you have great thoughts, and if you can’t yet put them into words, we can help. Aspire to greatness, friends.


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