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A computer sits at the center of the image with several Writing Fellows framed as a Zoom call.
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Zoom Appointments


Life can be hectic and stressful. Having a real-time appointment with a writing consultant doesn't have to add to that stress. Zoom Appointments are video-based writing feedback appointments that allow you to speak with a consultant in real-time, allowing you to fit writing support into your schedule without worrying about getting to campus.

You need: a stable internet connection, a web camera, your writing, and a microphone. 

You can make appointments for consultations at any stage of the writing process--when you haven't yet started writing, are trying to polish a final draft, or are somewhere in-between. We ask that you make the suggested revisions before scheduling another appointment time.

We do not not offer line-by-line corrections. Consultants are educators, not editors.

  • Making A Zoom Appointment
    1. Go to our WCOnline appointment system
    2. Select the current semester schedule.
    3. Look for names with "Synchronous Online" listed under them.
    4. Appointment boxes are color-coded. White boxes indicate available times. Purple and gray boxes indicate unavailable times. Select a white box at the time that best works with your schedule.
    5. In the form that pops up when you select a white box, it will default to "What kind of appointment would you like?" Select "Zoo Appointment." 
    6. The first question in the appointment form will ask if you understand that the consultant will send the Zoom link to you at the start of the appointment time.
    7. Fill out the form detailing your assignment, where you are in the writing process, and what you would like to work on in that appointment. Remember to include your assignment prompt!
    8. Once you have completed this, click "Save Appointment."
  • Attending Your Zoom Appointment

    If you scheduled a Zoom appointment, you receive a Zoom link from your consultant through the same platform that you used to schedule your appointment (our scheduling system, WCOnline).

    To access your online appointment:

    1. Go to our WCOnline appointment system.
    2. Sign into your account.
    3. At the time of your appointment, proceed to your orange appointment box. The same box that you used to sign-up for an appointment. Your appointment can also be found in the drop down menu under "Welcome, [Your Name]."
    4. In the pop-up appointment information window, click "Start or Join Online Appointment." 
    5. In the following pop-up window, your consultant will provide a Zoom link and some instructions. Follow that link. 
    Occasionally, technical issues will occur. If you have having issues in the appointment platform, email
  • Our Policies


    Repeat Appointments: We want to support you as a writer, and many other Clemson students are just like you. If you have an ongoing project you're working on, we suggest that you make future appointments with the same consultant after you have discussed your project and made revisions. Keep in mind that others also need appointments. Students can make three appointments per week at this time. During times when appointments are limited, we may limit this to one appointment per week.

    Your Work: We want to support you in becoming a stronger and more effective writer. To do this, we need to work with you on your own writing. Please do not submit work for friends. Encourage them to make their own appointments with us. 

    Appointments can be made up until 10 minutes before an appointment start time.

    Late Arrivals: Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your scheduled appointment, that appointment will be noted as a no-show and may be given to a walk-in.

    Cancellation Policy: We can help at any point in the writing process. This means that you do not need to cancel your appointment if you don’t have an entire draft completed! However, we understand that there are circumstances in which an appointment must be cancelled. You can cancel your appointment up until 45 minutes before your appointment start time. 

    Missed Appointments: If you miss more than three scheduled appointments, you will no longer be able to make Clemson Writing Lab appointments online.

  • Canceling Your Appointment

    Log into our appointment system and open your appointment. (Your appointment will be an orange box.) At the bottom of the pop-up window, you will see an option to cancel your appointment. You may also cancel by emailing us at

    Please cancel your appointment at least 45 minutes in advance. If you have not canceled your appointment within this time frame, it will be considered a missed appointment.

    If you miss more than three scheduled appointments, you will no longer be able to make Clemson Writing Lab appointments online.

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