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Types of Appointments

In order to best support the Clemson Family, the Writing Center has moved a majority of its support online for the Fall 2020. We will open August 24, 2020 for the Fall 2020 semester. The Writing Center will offer very limited face-to-face appointments after September 21, 2020 with the return to campus. A majority of appointments will remain online. 

There are two ways for Clemson students to get feedback on their writing while online: synchronous online consultations and emailed feedback. Below is a brief description of the services we offer. Limited face-to-face appointments are also available.

If you already know which type of consultation you'd like, click on the button below to schedule an appointment through WCOnline, our appointment system. Information regarding each type of appointment can be found below or in the menu to the left. Please let your consultant know if you need an accommodation due to a disability.

Is it your first time with the Clemson Writing Center? If so, click here.

Synchronous Online Consultations

Because many writers like real-time consultations, but have complicated schedules, we also offer online consultations. Through our online appointment platform, online consultations enable you to have a real-time conversation through an instant messaging system with a consultant about your writing--from anywhere you have internet. The consultations are better for content-based feedback. The platform does not support feedback on formatting. You may make two appointments per week. These appointments cannot be back-to-back.

Emailed Feedback

For those writers who learn best from written feedback and those that have busy professional schedules, we suggest sending your writing to us online and receiving emailed feedback. A Writing Fellow will read your paper, provide constructive feedback, and email you the paper when the appointment time concludes. Limit to 8 pages per session. You may make two appointments per week. These appointments cannot be back-to-back.

LIMITED Face-to-Face Feedback

For some writers, face-to-face interaction is absolutely necessary. We are offering some very limited face-to-face appointments on Tuesday afternoons from 12pm - 5pm. These appointments must be booked prior to arrival. You can make one face-to-face appointment per week. 

Zoom Appointments

Currently, Zoom appointments are unavailable. They will be launched soon! Keep checking this page for more information.