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Writing Lab

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We're committed to creating and supporting a culture of writing at Clemson. Throughout the year, we host workshops and events about writing to help Tiger Writers at all levels across campus.

All events are free and take place at the Clemson Writing Lab, on the third floor of Cooper Library.

Below is our calendar of events and short descriptions of these offerings.

    ENGL 1030 Writing Events

    The Writing Lab aims to support students in ENGL 1030 as they transition into college writing. For this purpose, we have several events throughout the year created specifically for students in ENGL 1030 courses.


    • ENGL 1030 Write-In

      Are you working on a project for ENGL 1030? Want to work in a single location with others working on projects for the same class? The ENGL 1030 Write-In is for you!

      Consultants will be on-hand along with snacks and coffee for this three-hour guided writing session. 

      This event is repeated at least twice per semester.

    • ENGL 1030 Help Desk
      Stay tuned for more information on our quick question desk in the Writing Lab for drop-in sessions. 

    Writing Workshop Series

    Each workshop in the Writing Workshop Series includes a presentation on the topic, discussion, and active practice. Each event is open to undergraduate and graduate students.


    • Using APA 7th Edition

      A workshop for students on the use of APA 7th Edition, including conventions of format and citations.

      This workshop is particularly useful to ENGL 1030 students.

    • Using MLA 8th Edition

      A workshop for students on the use of MLA 8th Edition, including discussion of citation and formatting conventions.

      This workshop is particularly useful for ENGL 1030 students.

    • Common Grammar Mistakes
      A workshop to develop skills regarding the most common Standard Edited American English grammatical mistakes seen in college writing.
    • Telling Your Research Story
      A workshop discussing how researchers can use storytelling and narrative to communicate their research to various audiences.
    • Statements of Purpose for Graduate School
      A workshop discussing the best practices for writing a statement of purpose for graduate school applications. 
    The Writing Lab
    The Writing Lab | 301 Cooper Library, Clemson, S.C. 29634