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Class Visits & Tours

A faculty member can schedule a class visit tour, in which a consultant will come to the faculty member's classroom and inform students about the services the Writing Lab offers. Class visits are five-to-ten minutes in length and generally take place at the beginning or end of a scheduled class. Alternatively, class tours bring the class into the Writing Lab space for a short tour, around 15-30 minutes, depending on the instructor's request for informational session. We request that all visits and tours be scheduled at least three weeks in advance of the actual event.

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The inside of the Writing Lab in the ASC from the front door. A blond sits at the front desk. A consultant sits at one of the consulting tables.

In-Class Workshops

Both student groups and faculty members can work with our consultants to create a workshop (a small group meeting or seminar) focused on a particular communication assignment, issue, or skill. Examples include: citation styles, common grammar concerns, the writing process, specific genres of writing, and more! We request that all tours, visits, and workshops be scheduled at least two weeks in advance of the actual event.

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Thank you for visiting this site to learn more about the Writing Lab and how it can support your students. Although many commonly asked questions are answered below, we hope to hear from you. Should you wish to request these services, or have questions in general, please contact us at

  • What can the Writing Lab do for my students?

    The Writing Lab uses a student-centered approach to help students learn to think more critically about their writing. We encourage and teach students to write in clear, effective, and compelling ways. Our goal is to facilitate the growth of confident and effective writers. We do this work in support Clemson’s tradition of excellence in writing across the curriculum. 

    To do this, we support students at any stage of the writing process. If you see that a student is confused regarding an assignment, we can help them to navigate the assignment's requirements and brainstorm ideas. If you see that a student needs to strengthen their organization or integration of research, we can help students develop these skills. While we are not an editing service, we can help students to learn elements of grammar. 

  • I teach a science course. Can you support my students?

    Of course! Writing happens in all disciplines. Likewise, all disciplines need strong skills in communication. We have Writing Fellows from the sciences and consultants undergo training on common genres and issues in science writing. 

    We support all disciplines. 

  • Can your approach teach students to fix grammatical or mechanical issues?

    We often support students in the final stages of revising a work. We also consult with students earlier in their writing processes. There is no time that is too early to meet with a consultant! Our approach helps students to not only “correct mistakes,” but become well-rounded communicators. Consultants teach students to find their own errors by discussing revision strategies and teaching them applicable principles. Beyond finding “corrections,” consultants encourage students to make informed stylistic choices consistent with the genres and conventions of any writing situation. Short answer: we don't edit, but we do provide feedback.

  • How can I encourage my students to use the Writing Lab?

    There are a number of ways to encourage all of your students to visit the Writing Lab. First, you can promote the Writing Lab by including a short description in the syllabus or on writing assignment handouts. Also, you can contact our director to request a brief class visit to orient your students to our services. Finally, we are happy to offer assignment design consultations that include Writing Lab visitations.

    Sample Syllabus Statement: 
    The Clemson Writing Lab is a free writing support service available to the entire student body, regardless of major or academic standing. The Writing Lab provides students the opportunity to discuss questions or problems related to writing—from generating a topic and thesis to organizing a draft and integrating appropriate citations. The Writing Lab’s goal is to support Clemson students in growing as confident and effective writers. As an [COURSE NAME] student, you should feel free to utilize the Writing Lab to receive additional support or feedback on any course assignments or projects. You can make an appointment with a consultant by visiting the Writing Lab's website: The Writing Lab is located on Cooper Library's third floor.
    You can likewise offer visits to the Writing Lab as extra credit in your course, incorporate revision assignments, and invite us to visit your class. 
  • I like to require my students to visit the Writing Lab or I offer a visit as extra credit. How can they prove they went to the Writing Lab?

    We prefer that instructors do not require appointments. This can make students wary of the Lab as they are forced to attend appointments. If you do require appointments, please note the following:

    After a consultation session in the Writing Lab, if indicated by the student that a demonstration of attendance is needed, such as a form being signed, the Writing Lab staff will email a summary of the appointment to the student. The student can then elect to forward that email to the necessary parties.

    These summaries are not evaluative and merely summarize the content of the appointment. This protects the student's privacy.

    (The Writing Lab is not intended to be a remedial space, so we encourage framing us as supportive of their writing process and growth as writers.)

  • Can I use the Writing Lab?

    Yes! We are happy to support faculty in their writing endeavors. We offer a limited number of faculty appointments per semester. Writing Fellows are trained to support any kind of writing. That being said, they most often engage with undergraduate and graduate students. Please be aware of this if you book an appointment with us. 

    Faculty bookings may be limited at peak times during the semester for student stakeholders. 

The Writing Lab
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