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Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

The FE exam is the first step toward becoming a licensed professional engineer. The exam is offered twice a year, in April and October, with most students taking the exam right before graduation. Students generally achieve higher scores on the exam if it is taken while the technical information learned during the undergraduate career is still fresh in their minds.

Who can take the FE exam?

Senior engineering undergrads who are within one year of graduation. For example, a student who takes the exam in October 2013 must be graduating in December 2013, May 2014, or August 2014.

Graduate students and persons who have previously taken the exam should contact the LLR Board of Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors ( prior to completing any registration materials.

Steps to Register:

  1. Complete the exam application online by clicking here
  2. Upon accessing the website, you will be asked to create a User ID and password
  3. After logging in, you will be prompted to choose a license type - the division is "engineers", and the application type is "seniors fundamentals of engineering (FE) examination"
  4. You will then proceed to complete the application, making sure that all required information is entered
  5. The Board's online application deadline is August 30, 2013 at 5pm. No application fee is due to the Board.
  6. Upon approval of the application, you will receive further instructions from the Board by email regarding NCEES registration for the FE exam
  7. Exam fees ($125) will be paid online to NCEES by September 5, 2013. This information can be found here. There are no exceptions. It is your responsibility to confirm receipt of fees before the deadline.

Preparing for the Exam:

The CES Dean's Office coordinates a series of 7 review courses prior to each exam administration. The Fall 2013 schedule can be seen below.

Date Course Time Location
8/28/13 Engineering Statics 6:00pm-9:00pm 100 Lowry
9/4/13 Applied Thermodynamics 6:00pm-9:00pm 100 Lowry
9/9/13 Strength of Materials 6:00pm-9:00pm 100 Lowry
9/11/13 Basic Electrical Circuit Analysis 6:00pm-9:00pm 100 Lowry
10/2/13 Basic Fluid Mechanics 6:00pm-9:00pm 100 Lowry
10/9/13 Engineering Dynamics 6:00pm-9:00pm 100 Lowry
10/16/13 Engineering Economics 6:00pm-9:00pm 100 Lowry

Currently enrolled students can register for the review series when registering for the exam. Cost is $75 per person, payable by cash, check, or money order (checks & money orders should be made payable to "Clemson University"). 

Individuals who are not currently enrolled at Clemson are also welcome to register for the review series. Cost is $150 - please email Melody Huitt ( for a registration form.

Exam Dates: 

Beginning in January 2014, the FE exam will be offered year-round as computer-based exam at Pearson VUE testing centers.

Reporting to the Exam Site:

All examinees should report to the exam site by 7:15 a.m. Examinee admissions will take place from 7:15-7:40 a.m.

Absolutely no examinees will be allowed into the building after 7:40 a.m. It is the responsibility of the examinee to take necessary precautions to ensure that they arrive on time.

If you are late you will not be admitted. All examinees must be seated when instructions begin at 7:40 a.m.

Format of the Exam:

Each exam is 8 hours long, with one 4-hour session in the morning and another 4-hour session in the afternoon. Examinees must participate in both sessions on the same day. Both exams are closed book, and reference material is supplied.

During the morning session, all examinees take a general exam common to all disciplines. During the afternoon session, examinees will take the discipline-specific module of their choosing (this selection takes place when registering & paying for the exam online). 

For further exam specifications, visit

Reference Materials:

The FE is a closed-book exam, and examinees are NOT permitted to bring reference materials of any kind to the exam room. An advance copy of the FE Supplied Reference Handbook is available in the CoES Dean's Office (107 Riggs Hall) for anyone who is interested in attaining a copy. Handbooks are also available for download at

A new copy of the FE Supplied Reference Handbook will be distributed to FE examinees for use during the exam. No advance copies are allowed in the exam room. No marks are allowed to be made in the handbook distributed at the exam site. Page markers, including self-adhesive tabs and sticky notes, are not permitted in closed-book exams.

Writing Instruments:

Examinees must use NCEES-issued mechanical pencils. These pencils will be distributed at the exam site. The pencil will be pre-loaded with 0.7mm HB lead. This is the only writing instrument allowed. Examinees may NOT bring lead or erasers. If additional lead or an eraser is needed during the exam, it will be provided by a test proctor.

Personal Items:

No book bags or purses are allowed in the exam room. Any personal items must be contained in a clear plastic bag.

Cell phones, pagers, beepers, PDA's, etc. are NOT allowed in the exam room or building. If any prohibited item is found in an examinee's possession after the exam begins, or if an examinee is found to be using a writing instrument other than the NCEES supplied pencil, the item will be confiscated, the examinee dismissed from the exam, his or her exam will not be scored an no refund will be provided. All confiscated items will be forwarded to NCEES.

No tobacco products are permitted during the exam, or in the building.

Hoods (except approved religious apparel) and hats are not allowed.

NCEES, the State Board, nor Clemson University are liable for any loss or damage to any unallowable items brought into the exam room.

Calculator Policy:

NCEES specifies which calculators are allowed in the exam room for use during the exam. No other models of calculators will be allowed. Please see for a list of approved calculators.

As with cell phones and other electronic devices, any inappropriate calculators will be confiscated by the proctor. If an unapproved calculator is found in your possession after the exam begins, you will be immediately dismissed from the exam room and your exam will not be scored.

Exam Results:

Exam results are mailed directly to the examinee typically within 12 weeks from the date of the exam. Do not call the CoES Dean's Office, State Board, or NCEES in this regard.

Information on exam scoring is available at

After Passing the Exam:

Once you have received notification that you have passed the exam and you have graduated from Clemson, you are required to send an official Clemson University transcript to the SC Board in Columbia at:

LLR Board of Engineers & Land Surveyors
PO Box 11597
Columbia, SC 29211-1597

Passing the FE exam is the first step toward licensure. To continue the licensure process, complete the following:

  • Obtain at least 4 years of experience deemed acceptable to your licensing board
  • Take one of the Principles and Practice (PE/PS) exams.

Contact your licensing board regarding its requirements and recommendations for licensure.

For More Information:

  • National Council of Examiners for Engineering & Surveying
    • Learn more about licensure for engineers, the FE examination, and study materials
  • LLR Board of Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors
  • Exam Administrator (Clemson, SC testing site only