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FAQs & Myths

Here are a few of the ways Clemson students find themselves exploring the world through their studies.

Exchange Programs

Clemson is a member of Global E3, a consortium of top engineering schools offering opportunities to study in any of 18 countries.  Many of these programs offer instruction in English!

Faculty-Led Programs

Several members of the CoES faculty lead study abroad programs (often in the summer), as well as classes that have a study-abroad component.   These programs allow students to enroll in classes at Clemson (thus avoiding any transfer issues).  Additionally, these courses provide organized travel, lodging, administration and excursions, making for a hassle-free study-abroad experience. 

Third-Party Providers/Direct Enrollment

Clemson screens and recommends providers of programs for students. If there’s a place you want to go and Clemson does not have have an established program there, you’ll probably find a study program of interest to you here.

Summer Study Abroad Programs

Students who can’t spend a full semester away can still gain valuable international experience with summer programs.  These are available from Clemson faculty as well as from other providers.