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Tuition & Costs

For Clemson University programs and exchanges for the semester or year, you’ll pay your regular Clemson tuition without any additional tuition charge.

For Clemson University summer programs, there will be a program cost that is associated with the program.  While it is not all-inclusive, it covers many expenses.

For Global-E3 exchanges, Clemson University tuition is all you’ll have to pay.

For study through a third-party program, generally you’ll be charged a program cost that may or may not include tuition, depending on the program you enroll with.

For independent study, tuition and/or fees are usually paid directly to the university or institute where you will be studying or working.

In terms of financial aid and scholarships, most Clemson programs will be able to accept deductions in tuition. It is a little trickier for other programs. Please see Financial Aid in Sikes Hall to learn which types of financial aid can be utilized for your experience.

Our office does not directly handle financial aid or scholarship concerns; however, a quick internet search should be able to reveal additional scholarship opportunities. Note: apply early for them; they are competitive and popular.  Here are a few ideas to get you started...

Also, more information can be found on Clemson's Office of International Affairs website.