Residents in Science and Engineering (RiSE) Program



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Residents in Science and Engineering (RiSE) Living-Learning Community is a unique residential community designed for freshmen in the College of Engineering and Science. The mission of the RiSE LLC is to assist students in their transition to college by combining the academic and residential experiences in order to foster academic success and facilitate professional development. 

RiSE incorporates several layers of services and support including academic support through tutoring services, clustered courses, and workshops. We strive to support students professional development through faculty partnerships, industry tours and dinners, and by fostering learning outside of the classroom. Some of the unique features of this community include the involvement of a Faculty Director and the support of the College of Engineering and Science Academic Advising Center housed in Lever Hall.

All College of Engineering & Science freshmen are invited to apply for the RiSE Living-Learning Community. There is a one-time program fee of $500 required for participation in this program. Click here for more information on how to apply.

For more detailed information on programs and benefits of living in the RiSE community please review in the links in the left hand side bar.