Genetics and Biochemistry

Genetics and Biochemistry

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CAFLS Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award
Grace Kisirkoi was selected for the CAFLS Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award. Her nomination packet, submitted by Drs. Frugoli and Lawton-Rauh, was rated as the second str...

Four Clemson presenters will be featured at Internet2 summit
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Four presenters representing Clemson University will be featured at the 2015 Internet2 Global Summit April 26-30.

Joining genetics and biochemist...

Brian Gudenas Receives Award for GRADS Poster
Topics ranging from the shape of supernova explosions in space to ways of making sure older South Carolinians get nutritious meals were on display at the recent Graduate Research and Discove...

2015 ACC Meeting of the Minds Conference

Congratulations to Terral Patel and Nate Diehl who were chosen to present their data a...

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