Genetics and Biochemistry

Associate Professor Awarded for Outstanding Contributions to the Calhoun Honors College

Dr. Kerry Smith, associate professor in Genetics and Biochemistry, was awarded The Class of 1940 Bradbury Award for outstanding contributions to the Calhoun Honors College at the University year-end general faculty meeting and at the Calhoun Honor College ceremony on May 10th. He has been elected the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences representative on the Calhoun Honors College Committee to three three-year terms since 2006, served on the Goldwater Scholar Selection Committee since the fall of 2005 and the National Scholars Program Interview Panel the past three years, and reviewed applications for admission to the Calhoun Honors College. In addition to teaching several honors courses in the Department, Dr. Smith has mentored the research of twenty-five Honors dissertations in biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, and biological sciences.