Genetics and Biochemistry

Genetics and Biochemistry

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Clemson to host scientists investigating deadly diseases
CLEMSON — Clemson University is hosting the region’s leading scientists for discussions about the causative agents of some of the most devastating and intractable diseases of humans, inc...

More deadly than Ebola: Clemson biologist fights malaria parasite
CLEMSON — A team of molecular biologists, jointly led by Clemson University professor Jim Morris, was awarded a $151,121 grant from the National Institutes of Health to identify new compou...

The Gene Team
The lives and livelihoods of thousands of South Carolinians are being bettered, thanks to Stephen Kresovich and the molecular and population genomics research he and his Clemson faculty and ...

Professor Receives National Recognition for Mentoring Undergraduate Students
Clemson University professor James Morris recently was honored by the Biology Division of the national Council on Undergraduate Research. Morris, of the genetics and biochemistry department ...

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