Genetics and Biochemistry

Dr. Michael Sehorn

Michael Sehorn

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2002, Lousiana State University

Contact Information
Office: 057A Life Sciences Building
Phone: (864) 656-2572

Research Focus Areas
Protein Biochemistry
Structure-Function Relations


Research Activities

Sexual reproduction is dependent upon a specialized type of cell division called meiosis. Early in meiosis, homologous chromosomes pair with each other and are physically linked together by recombination. Linkage of the homologous chromosomes is critical for proper segregation of the chromosomes to opposites poles in the cell. Our research is focused on the mechanism of recombination during meiosis.


Grant Support



2011 Clemson University College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences Teaching Award of Excellence

2011 Article Selected for Cover Art in journal Macromolecular Bioscience


Research Associates


Graduate Students


Undergraduate Students

Ian Alvey
John Diehl
Austin Herbst
Austin Hughes
Erin Ratterman
Leah Watts
Julie White


Courses Taught

BCHM 3050
Essential Elements of Biochemistry

BCHM 4360/6360
Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis

BCHM 8140
Advanced Biochemistry

GEN/BCHM 8250/8510
Research in progress/seminar



Recent Publications

McKee, J.R., McKee, T., Sehorn, M.G. (2011) “Student Study Guide/Solutions Manual for use with Biochemistry The Molecular Basis of Life, Fifth Edition.” Oxford University Press.

Gaines, W.A., Sehorn, M.G., Marcotte, W.R. Jr. (2010) Spidroin N-terminal domain promotes a pH-dependent association of silk proteins during self-assembly. J. Biol. Chem. 285(52):40745-53.

Rungta, P., Bandera, Y.P., Roeder, R.D., Li, Y., Baldwin, W.S., Sharma, D., Sehorn, M.G., Luzinov, I., Foulger, S.H. (2011) Selective Imaging and Killing of Cancer Cells with Protein Activated Near-Infrared Fluorescing Nanoparticles. Macromol Biosci. 11(7):927-37.
**Selected for cover art of the Journal**

Say, A. F., Ledford, L.A., Sharma, D., Singh, A.K., Leung, W.K., Sehorn, H.A., Tsubouchi, H., Sung, P., Sehorn, M.G. (2011) The budding yeast Mei5-Sae3 complex interacts with Rad51 and preferentially binds a DNA fork structure. DNA Repair. 10(6):586-94.

Sehorn, M.G., Sehorn, H. A. (2011) Visualization of human Dmc1 presynaptic filaments. Methods Mol. Biol. 745:485-96.

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Sheridan, S. D., Yu, X., Roth, R., Heuser, J.E., Sehorn, M.G., Sung, P., Egelman, E.H., Bishop, D.K. (2008) A comparative analysis of Dmc1 and Rad51 nucleoprotein filaments. Nucleic Acids Res. 36(12):4057-66.

Busygina, V., Sehorn, M.G., Shi, I., Tsubouchi, H., Roeder, S., Sung, P. (2008) Hed1 regulates Rad51-mediated recombination via a novel mechanism. Genes Dev. 22(6):786-95.

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