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What Is VoiceThread LTI?

Categories: Instructional Video, Collaboration, Authoring

VoiceThread LTI allows you to use VoiceThread from within Canvas.

VoiceThread is a web based platform that enables faculty and students to collaborate in a dialog by sharing and commenting on documents, videos, images, and text. This is a unique tool that allows a faculty member to post a picture and then ask students to interpret what they see. Whether the response is for a speech assignment, practicing a foreign language, interpreting a piece of art, assessing the architecture of something portrayed in an image or discussing engineering anomalies or accomplishments. VoiceThread allows for a unique way for everyone to share information.

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  • Who can use VoiceThread?

    VoiceThread is available to all Clemson employees and students at no extra cost.

    We have a limited site license of VoiceThread.  This allows faculty to have Pro accounts with no charge and students participating through their class will enjoy Basic VoiceThread accounts free of charge.

  • How can employees get personalized training on VoiceThread?

    Clemson Online offers an Instructor-led training option for employees. Visit the Clemson Online Events page and schedule a Clemson Online Booking. You may have to click the "Show More Services" button to find this session topic.

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At a Glance Tool Comparison
Name VoiceThread LTI Flipgrid LTI Canvas Discussions
Tool Icon Voicethread Flipgrid Canvas Discussion Board
Extra Cost None None None
University Tech Support Yes Yes Yes
Uses Clemson Login Yes Yes Yes
Canvas Integration Yes Yes N/A
Accessibility Poor+ Great* Good*

*Rankings marked with asterisks are based on the tool's general reputation in the accessibility community and not on testing that Clemson has completed.

+Rankings marked with a plus are based on testing completed in 2020.