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Sandhill Fish Club

Sandhill Fish Club Now Open

The popular Sandhill Fish Club has returned for the 2014 season.  Returning members from any of the previous seasons need to visit the Sandhill Fish Club homepage and pay their membership fees online.  New members will find an online application that can be completed and submitted as well as the Sandhill Fish Club Regulations and other helpful information.  The waters of the Sandhill REC contain a variety of South Carolina game fish.  Catch and release as well as keeping your catch in accordance with the daily creel limit is allowed.  Members are allowed to sponsor guests as well as launch small boats in keeping with the Sandhill Fish Club Regulations.  Visit the Sandhill Fish Club homepage.


Farmers Market 2014 Season

The 2014 season for the popular Sandhill Farmers Market began May 6 and runs through the end of November.  Operating every Tuesday afternoon throughout the season the market has become a mainstay for the Columbia Northeast community and beyond.  Applications for the 2014 season are online.  We hope to see you at the Sandhill Farmers' Market... where fun, food and community come together.  Thank you for your support!  Go to the market page.

Sandhill Headlines

Public Meeting on Coyotes June 4

In response to the many questions and inquiries regarding coyotes roaming the Northeast we are hosting a meeting on Wednesday, June 4th at 6PM.  The meeting will feature DNR Biologist and Fur Bearer Specialist, Jay Butfiloski and Clemson Extension Agent, Dr. Timothy Davis.  The meeting location is downstairs at the CIECD building, which is located across the pond from the Clemson Lake House.  To reach the building by car drive around behind the Clemson Extension Offices, the red brick building, and take the paved road down the hill (Civitas Circle).  To view a map of the property click here.  We are the green building with the flag.

Coyotes have established residency in all 46 counties of South Carolina.  You can read more about coyotes and their habits by clicking here.  In addition to the presentation on coyotes, our speakers will discuss alligators, snakes and other common species found in our local area. 

Did you know?

The Sandhill Research and Education Center was established in 1926 for agricultural research in the primarily rural Columbia area. Today, Sandhill is home to the Clemson Institute for Economic and Community Development.



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