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April 29, 2017

Watt Family Innovation Center, Clemson University

The grand challenge for structural biologists is to build a complete molecular atlas of the cell. Rather than the mere acquisition and accumulation of high-resolution structural data from any one of multiple biochemical, biophysical and computational approaches, the complete molecular atlas of the cell will require “integrative structural biology” approaches that rely on data from multiple methodologies. Because cells are comprised of complex, dynamic macromolecular machines, it is critical that this atlas incorporates data from both high-resolution static and dynamic methods.

This one-day workshop will serve as platform to discuss the future of integrative methods in the field of structural biology. Three sessions of talks with invited and contributed speakers, a poster session, and a round-table discussion will cover topics in i) electron microscopy, ii) label based methods, iii) scattering methods, and iv) computational approaches.